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#51 by barfboy
2019-12-03 at 21:28
Anyone know how old Hachiroku and Reina are?
We know their birthdays and birth years. All we need is what year the game takes place in. Hachiroku should be 100+ and Reina should be about 90. link
#52 by luxarys
2019-12-25 at 13:26
here we have ppl who think cup size 1) is relevant, 2) accurately describes breast size. like, what universe am i in right now? what even is this thread?
#53 by yorhel
2019-12-25 at 19:45
Uh, welcome to VNDB? I'll ask you in return: If that's not your thing, what are you doing here?

(Edit: And your (2) is false, that's why t13284 is a thing)Last modified on 2019-12-25 at 19:56
#54 by echozulu
2019-12-25 at 19:58
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#55 by yorhel
2019-12-25 at 20:21
@echozulu: Are you implying that women aren't/shouldn't be interested in breast sizes? Because, anecdotically, that's false. The problem with any argument about sexism is that it devolves to statistics, yet there are *always* men and women not conforming to such statistics.

It's also doesn't matter. The reason why we have a breast size field and apparent breast size traits is because there is a demand for that information, gender demographics are irrelevant.
#56 by echozulu
2019-12-25 at 20:53
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#57 by skorpiondeath
2019-12-25 at 21:10
lol what's the point of answering those questions.... And how the hell sexism comes into this? I think that's a more relevant question.
#58 by warfoki
2019-12-25 at 21:12
A thread on a website run/maintained by a bunch of guys, most of which don't know which cup sizes equate to which physical breast size.

Funny thing is, even if this was to be true, it would still be utterly irrelevant. The info in the breast size field is always from an official source (devs' official website, store descriptions, etc.). All we do is recording the information. So, yeah...Last modified on 2019-12-25 at 21:13
#59 by echozulu
2019-12-25 at 22:07
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