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#1 by ricardomilos
2019-11-02 at 23:07
NekoNyan is not going to release the Perfect Edition Patch?

We are also really excited to announce that we secured the rights for the additional scenes from the Perfect Edition of Aokana. Those will be added a few weeks after the release of Aokana and will be available as paid DLC for $4.99. People who backed us on Kickstarter or pre-ordered the game on Backerkit will get those for free.

They said a few weeks after release, but it's been more than a month now.
I do not think release a paid DLC that only contains a couple of scenes months after most of people finished the game is a smart thing to do.
#2 by messiahprinny
2019-11-03 at 05:13
Probably a little lost in their rush to get out Senran Banka by the end of the year.
#3 by banzaiiiiiii
2019-11-10 at 15:02
I think Nekonyan will lose their license for Senran Banka if they don't get it done by December, so they've put everything on hold until they can sort that out.


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