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#1 by beliar
2019-11-04 at 18:13
Please, don't add tags to the entry that ain't even in the game yet. Your game is in the very early stages of production and you have added a poop-load of tags that you envision will eventually feature in the final build. The thing is, you might change your mind or something happens that forces you to take a different creative route.

It's not easy to remove tags already added from the game and it's better to add less tags than to add incorrect tags.

Moreover, you have already added some blatantly incorrect tags to the entry, which I negatively locked. For example, you have added the "Protagonist in relationship" tag, which only applies if the protagonist starts the game already being in relationship, which is not the case here. Also, "Student-Teacher Romance" does not mean being hypnotized into having sexual relationships with a teacher.

Anyway, I would request you to remove the tags that are not present in the current newest build and only add them once they already feature in the game.
#2 by messystudios
2019-11-05 at 00:49
Sorry about this, I will not add what isn't currently in the game. I'll also try to make sure that tags that are added are the correct tags!

I'll begin removing what tags aren't needed.


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