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#1 by futonlord
2019-11-05 at 13:34

Looking at the storyboard images in the link above, we can get some hints on how the main plot goes. In two of the images (#3 and #4), you see human towns/cities very close to high-stage beta hives. The hives seem to be at least stage 3, by which the Beta should have cleared out the area 30+ kilometers around. If the hives developed normally, it's just impossible for a city to still exist nearby. It's also weird 2 hives are in close proximity in image #4.

I can only guess the hives suddenly teleported out of nowhere. Looking at what appears to be a human? embedded in the fallen tanker in image #3, this teleportation's risky. By integrate, it's probably referring to the fusion of the extra and alternative worlds. How this world fusion will be done, I don't understand Muv-Luv physics enough to speculate.Last modified on 2019-11-05 at 13:42


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