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#1 by futonlord
2019-11-05 at 13:34
< report >link

Looking at the storyboard images in the link above, we can get some hints on how the main plot goes. In two of the images (#3 and #4), you see human towns/cities very close to high-stage beta hives. The hives seem to be at least stage 3, by which the Beta should have cleared out the area 30+ kilometers around. If the hives developed normally, it's just impossible for a city to still exist nearby. It's also weird 2 hives are in close proximity in image #4.

I can only guess the hives suddenly teleported out of nowhere. Looking at what appears to be a human? embedded in the fallen tanker in image #3, this teleportation's risky. By integrate, it's probably referring to the fusion of the extra and alternative worlds. How this world fusion will be done, I don't understand Muv-Luv physics enough to speculate.Last modified on 2019-11-05 at 13:42
#2 by joseph
2020-02-19 at 04:52
< report >I just hope it isn't as utterly boring and unrewarding as Alternative. Please, be more like TDA and Schwarzesmarken.
#3 by evil-x
2020-04-11 at 07:09
< report >#2. Ecks Dee.

#1. I'm not really sure what it's going to be about, but I guess it's prob going to be what happens in the Alternative universe right after what happens in Muv-luv Alternative but then that would mean that Takeru isn't in the game which well.. I kinda doubt it but maybe. Also from the pictures we got Yuuko is in there, she did say that she was going to be caught or w/e from all the things she's did in the past after the operation iirc but I might be wrong. Though it would be cool imo if she was the mc. Anyway, I'm pretty hype for it I hope it's going to be good. I am a little scared that it's going to be a weak entry and won't live up to Muv-luv standard but who knows. Also I hope they re-worked some of the models.
#4 by stormwolf
2021-02-24 at 22:47
< report >New cast and continuing in the alternate universe. Almost everyone we knew are dead though so it's gonna be a tough sell for me at least. It seems it'll take place in america at some point, but maybe they'll take this fight out into space
#5 by oysterkeeper
2021-02-25 at 11:55
< report >Content most likely (IMO) will be clearing the rest of the hives on Earth, which should be much easier without the superior then taking the moon and mars back. That is my guess. Unfortunately, there isn't really a way for most of the characters we love to be in this one. Maybe we'll see appearances of a few of them at least.

It will be extremely difficult for them to pull this game off though. The whole reason why Muv Luv was so amazing was the level of attachment to the characters we got. That took all of Extra, Unlimited, and the first half of Alternative to foster. I don't see how a single title will ever manage to get us to care that deeply about the new characters they introduce. But I'm still hesitantly excited for it.
#6 by stormwolf
2021-02-25 at 15:02
< report >Takeru suddenly awakens in the Alternative timeline again. This time it's Yukko who's being violated by some deviant BETA and the process repeats. But now that Takeru has become the conduit again he, and for some reason a stronger conduit who brings people from the closest world, and there we have our group of friends again.
#7 by oysterkeeper
2021-02-25 at 19:27
< report >#6 *taps forehead* WeSmart
#8 by stormwolf
2021-02-25 at 22:06
< report >#7 I got yuuko's name wrong, but otherwise it was a bullshit post xD
#9 by oysterkeeper
2021-02-26 at 02:41
< report >#8 IK just memein
#10 by stormwolf
2021-04-04 at 01:48
< report >Seriously though, i do wonder how interesting they can make a primary sequel with none of the original characters except Yuuki. Spinoffs i would get, but a direct sequel feels like a harder sell.
#11 by oysterkeeper
2021-04-04 at 05:44
< report >#10 Still got Yuuko's name wrong xD

Anyways, the Isumi sisters, Yuuko, Kasumi, Munakata, Kazama, and Akane all end up surviving. Perhaps we will be seeing quite a bit of them and also characters from the spinoffs hence the "integrate". Or it will simply be told from an entirely different perspective and we may only hear mentions of the 'heroes of Kashgar'.

I can only hope it can have a fraction of the epicness the trilogy did but I am most likely foolishly optimistic
#12 by stormwolf
2021-04-04 at 21:00
< report >#11 I never really enjoyed alternative as much as others. I felt like Takuo's ptsd kinda ruined the entire thing as he went from being this reliable and badass guy in the beginning to some useless scrub in the end. His character effectively died when he passed the unlimited's ending and when teacher died (dont recall her name anymore) The day after however redeemed pretty much everything. It might be slow with politics now and then but overall it is really exciting and i look forward to its conclusion heck of a lot more than integrate.Last modified on 2021-04-04 at 21:02


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