Sengoku Night Blood (a soon to be lost VN).

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#1 by murasaki0kami
2019-11-08 at 23:26
Even though it is just under a month before Sengoku Night Blood is destined to be lost for good (25th December 2019), I have only just managed to get it to work on my GPD XD Plus (great console for VNs!)

Anyway, enough of my experiences, this title is Definitely a VN (more than Blazblue and Under Night: In Birth which are predominately fighting games).

I was hoping to play this VN on the Nintendo Switch (I was going to buy one when this game came out for it, no joke!), but then the Switch port was suddenly cancelled for unknown reasons and the version will soon be lost to time.

I do think a record of its existence should be on VNDB as people need to know that mobile (and digital) games don’t have nearly a long lifespan and preservability as physically copies (which is why I wanted to wait to play this game when the physical release came out). And people need to know about this VN’s existence and it should not be wiped from the database like so many others.
#2 by yorhel
2019-11-09 at 06:34
You've not provided a single good argument as to why this should be considered a VN. The guidelines are at d2#1, so: Does it qualify against those?

The youtube videos Beliar linked to are now gone, but a "Not a VN in any shape or form" rating doesn't come out of nowhere...
#3 by tahu157
2019-11-09 at 08:19
I think this is a gacha game at heart, although there does appear to be significant amounts of VN style reading involved:



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