I was main QC of Konosora ReTl with some insight

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#1 by NowItsAngeTime
2019-11-13 at 16:15
< report >I was basically an all-around tester. I had to make sure there were no big bugs and was essentially another editor (looking for grammar/text issues).

I made some blogs posts to show a little insight on how a project like this may work from a QC standpoint. This isn't meant to throw shade at the translators/programmers for making a mistake. In fact, making mistakes is expected in software development (and probably translations) and I kinda just want to show how I personally found and presented the issues to the programmer/translator before they fixed it.

I posted these on /r/IMHHW (which coincidentally is where you can find the latest patch for both the MoeNovel/Steam version and the Japanese version of the VN):

Entry #1 - Basics, Explanations, Being a Second Editor, All in the Details:

Entry #2 - Actual "Blocker" bugs and being on the current correct Dev Patch:

Entry #3 - One line of text going over engine's character limit can mess up a scene's worth presentation of names, lines, and voice clips:

Entry #4 - Odd CG Disappearance and Engine not liking % symbol:

Entry #5 - Accidental copy pastes caused lines to have a completely incorrect translations:

Entry #6 - Having to ask for context to make sure a line was spoken correctly

Entry #7 - Keeping terms, names and ellipses consistent:

Entry #8 - Amane's route epilogue movie text was kind of a hassle (spoilers): link

Entry #9 - Even the TL notes needs QCing!:

Entry #10 - The Steam/MoeNovel version of the patch almost didn't happen
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