Any news on the English release?

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#1 by hunlepto
2019-11-20 at 12:02
I'm interested what the "better DDLC" is like, but I ain't gonna go through it in Japanese and understand almost nothing, I also heard there's literally no fan-translation either, so that's also shot out.
#2 by kiru
2019-11-20 at 13:10
You could just check the release entry: "As of October 25th, translation is 100% complete. Editing is 100% complete. Image editing and programming has begun."

In other words, it's probably coming 2022.
#3 by koyomiuwu
2019-12-02 at 02:32
Its supossed to come out this year. Its already out of QA so... soon hopefully
#4 by koyomiuwu
2019-12-02 at 02:32
#2 That's outdated. Its from October 25th, 2018
#5 by failures
2019-12-02 at 10:25
Wasn't this suppose to come out in the fall? And it's December now.. Any day now.
#6 by koyomiuwu
2019-12-04 at 08:47
Its coming out on February 2020 this time.
#7 by failures
2019-12-05 at 04:18
If true, that's disappointing to hear, but not surprising.


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