So did i understand this one right?

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#1 by azurrin
2019-11-22 at 12:46
< report >Obviously you must eat all the NTR before going to the true route, what i understand about the routes is that they are about infiltrating a school to investigate:

1- Yukikaze helps you in the quest (get NTR, but you bang a blonde one and NTR yukikaze so for me ok, yukikaze is trash ninja tier level)

2- Rinko helps you (you get ntr from the end boss because she enters as a maid for the boss)

3- instead of banging the blonde you only finger her, and instead of infiltrating and investigate, you talk with your boss and launch a assault against the enemy base? you get no NTR, blonde one teases yukikaze, yukikaze and rinko are jealous of blonde .

And one thing more, did tatsuro bang his sister? because it seems so.

But as always, those ninjas are totally trash, they are dependant in the male mc who the people call useless, but idk man, i see the 2 girls more useless than tatsuro, i mean, can those 2 even complete a quest without the mc help? if they did design tatsuro better he should:

1- Bang those 2 and make those 2 his slave (obviously won't do it because he is the plotcuck)

2- Leave those 2 girls and use them to get the enemies.

Did i understand more or less what happened this time?Last modified on 2019-11-22 at 21:05


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