100% save

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#1 by verifonix
2019-11-26 at 19:55
Anyone 100%'ed the game and is willing to share the save file?

Sagaoz doesn't have anything for the international release hence thread/request.

#2 by psychopatate
2019-11-26 at 20:55
Try this
CTRL+F and search for "蒼の彼方のフォーリズム"
There's 3 different versions, maybe one of them if what you want ?
#3 by verifonix
2019-11-28 at 20:40
Thanks but no dice. the Steam/EN release is ported to Unity engine so it's completely different from the JP ones
#4 by jikorde
2019-11-29 at 01:08

That's my finished save.
#5 by verifonix
2019-12-01 at 18:53
Thank you.


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