What are the endings for this game?

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#1 by gilgamesh157
2019-11-28 at 00:22
Is there any netorare?
#2 by bobjr2000
2019-11-28 at 03:50
Their is a tag for it along with some other tags for recipe that makes it seem legit.
#3 by freshift
2019-11-28 at 06:11
"Implied". Quotation marks because, spoilers.

The protagonist can actually engage in one depending on the player's choice.
#4 by gilgamesh157
2019-11-28 at 14:26
#3 Could you tell me what happens, please? I don't care about spoilers. Thanks :)
#5 by freshift
2019-11-28 at 23:30
The overall plot is quite simple and straight, details hidden but revealed in the side stories. It's all deliberate tricks by one certain female heroine to mislead the protagonist. No actual NTR ever happened nor happens, like at all.
#6 by gilgamesh157
2019-12-02 at 15:15
Thank you :)


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