The Read of Zwei’s Covert Identity(Chapter 1)

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#1 by hongpoppygemini
2019-11-28 at 13:25
In chapter 1, after Zwei kills Wallace in prologue, he was given a fake identity as “ウォレス=楊/Wallace 楊”.

I wonder if anyone knows what his 楊 letter read as.Last modified on 2019-11-28 at 13:29
#2 by harleyquin
2019-11-28 at 14:26
Either Wallace You or Wallace Yanagi. If you're playing this in Japanese, the voice acting should make the pronunciation certain.
#3 by hongpoppygemini
2019-11-28 at 20:51
Thanks, i tried looking at PS2’s walkthrough(which have voiced narration) and just found out that his name was spelled “Wallace Yan”. Sounds like Chinese name
#4 by harleyquin
2019-11-28 at 22:01
Yang is the Chinese pronunciation for that character.
#5 by eacil
2019-11-29 at 01:52
Nice, I checked my note and found "ウォレス=楊 > Wallace Yang(?)", which means it was most likely not voiced. I checked the PS2 walkthrough like you but it's hard to tell if it's Yan or Yang. There is clearly no "g" but I assume Japanese pronounce Yang as やん, not やんぐ.

I don't know if I could have born the monotonous narrator during the whole freaking game. There is a good reason why narrators are not voiced.

Edit: curious, what release are you playing?Last modified on 2019-11-29 at 08:06
#6 by harleyquin
2019-11-29 at 03:48
Yang but without the g for Japanese speakers.
#7 by hongpoppygemini
2019-12-03 at 17:19
Replying to eacil: I am playing the 2013 PC ver. where the narration isn’t voiced by the way
#8 by eacil
2019-12-03 at 21:38
Yeah, I played the same version, alongside Integration for the h-scenes. I didn't regret it (for once).


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