can characters be searched based on game genre?

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#1 by kfc
2019-11-28 at 23:32
For example (what made me think of this) two games:

Final Hara Dorei -20-sai Sennou International- and Final Fuuzoku Musume Heaven -Tifa to Aerith no W Temptation- both clearly feature Aerith/Tifa from Final Fantasy 7.

Neither game actually has any character entries though.

Rather than creating separate "instance" entries for every single instance of these two appearing in various H-games based on a popular game, it might make sense in some situations (like for example, if the same company makes a series of games starring her) to just share 1 instance between several games.

Furthermore, however many instances get created, you'd then want to alias their instances so they appear when visiting each other's pages.

Finding those other instances can get complicated though, when it comes to H-tributes to existing media, since unlike other games, a variety of different companies make them.

Although you can search the name, sometimes these games will (to avoid copyright) gently tweak a name by changing a letter, which would corrupt searching for it by its correct spelling.

So would there be a way to say "search all characters who appear in games tagged Final Fantasy" ? Or is that too complex a thing for the engine?

I'm also wondering if we might eventually split the Final Fantasy tag by game? There's not THAT many, but they're distinctive universes.


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