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#1 by forever-here
2019-11-30 at 15:52
It starts off with commentary about social issues and adults taking control of things that are way out of their hands just to make themselves "feel good". kind of like when a principled guy was challenged with an attack from an unusual angle and they can't find a good answer for, they just, for the simplest of explanations, they go REEEEEEE. about how the funding of a bureau (in this case, the school) mostly goes to the unneeded bloat that should have been popped out long ago, and thus the ones who are truly running the school (teachers) aren't getting the money they need while the "upper brass" aka bloat gets all the undeserved money. and how, thanks to the result of these, the children are the biggest victim since the budget doesn't really go to them. (and while the VN doesn't go as far, I'd argue it's because the older generation [read: boomers] are in dire need of their meds and thus they need that dirty money.) basically corruption.

it's not much, but basically after this, the VN gets into the main story: the corruption of the school funding is thanks to... that would be spoiler territory and to be honest, that's pretty much the story. and you have the characters on the cover screen dealing with said corruption. without going too much with the details, the VN tackles on prostitution, government, police, spying, some bits of psycho-thriller, kids' rebellion on the "system" (and looking back, welcome to NHK episode 1 was a prophecy fulfilled), and the ridiculous science bits by Rika as she solves bits of the corruption.

as for the twitter and sjw and normie manufacturing "outrage" to this title: it's nothing of the sort. sure the VN is tackling prostitution and that --IS-- child prostitution, but there are no explicit imagery or h-scenes whatsoever and is absolutely SFW as long as people won't look at your screen for more than 5 seconds. they are just mobs being mobs and are triggered for seeing attractive girls because, you know, these people are just insecure and jealous about their looks. "anime is problematic and thus this title should be censored; all anime artstyle with high school setting should be banned" when in fact, this VN is actually talking about these exact people at the beginning with its social commentary. the actual dregs of society.

if you're not a normie, or if you've left twitter for good, or if you're not a tumblr refugee, then you should give this a read. it shouldn't take you more than 4-5 hours on one sitting.
#2 by butterflygrrl
2019-11-30 at 16:27
we know there's no explicit nudity.

we also know people looking at your screen for more than five seconds are absolutely going to see that you're playing a loli game.

the outrage isn't "manufactured", they just have different standards for what's acceptable in a game. there's no point in arguing with them because they're not wrong they just fundamentally disagree about the principles.

rather than saying "play this if you're not a NORMIE lol" just stick with "play this if you're okay with this kind of content" imo.

by claiming it's all about people being somehow sexually jealous of lolis you make yourself sound unhinged.
#3 by being
2019-11-30 at 16:33
That is a real phenomenon, not unhinged at all.
Edit: Interesting review. I still don't know whether to get this game.Last modified on 2019-11-30 at 16:34
#4 by sanahtlig
2019-11-30 at 17:03
I covered Key to Home on Twitter back when it released in May: link

My verdict: Interesting concept and appealing characters. Tries to be a suspense thriller for loli fans, but contrived situations, fragmented storytelling, and questionable diction break the immersion.Last modified on 2019-11-30 at 17:04
#5 by usagi
2019-11-30 at 22:20
How is translation quality? How vertical text was dealt with?
#6 by sanahtlig
2019-12-01 at 02:17
I posted some screenshots. The script is a bit rough but readable. Ideas aren't always presented in the most fluid manner possible, but it's hard to fault the presentation when the core narrative is somewhat nonsensical. I'd say it got the (unrefined) translation it probably merits.Last modified on 2019-12-01 at 13:18
#7 by forever-here
2019-12-01 at 05:07
translation is rough around the edges but nothing unreadable.


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