Favorite Story Arc

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#1 by momimomi
2019-11-30 at 16:43
Real nukige connoisseurs play eroges for the plot, right? :) Vote for your favorite chapter.
#2 by makeiks
2019-11-30 at 17:10
Harem route always best route.
#3 by kr2
2019-12-02 at 04:53
Hey, how do you get Boobshire (Captain)?
#4 by momimomi
2019-12-02 at 08:13
@3 It's the first arc where Ruin meets Zebia.
#5 by kr2
2019-12-02 at 09:55
@4 yeah, but when i meet king i get only 2 choices. It should be 3 right?
#6 by bookwormotaku
2019-12-02 at 10:13
I'll still go with the Elicia/Zebia route since that route had better build up for Ruin's relationship with Elicia than the harem route did , was more action packed, had more satisfying moments and while I still like the harem route it feels a little to similar structure wise to the first game's harem route.
#7 by ginseigou
2019-12-02 at 10:36
@5 No, it literally happens in the first chapter you read, the MC starts to work in the castle as the captain. Seems like you didn't pay attention.
#8 by momimomi
2019-12-02 at 10:41
@5 There are only two choices when you meet the king, either accept the position of 1. the castellan of Boobshire or 2. the prefect of Molgrey. The captain arc is the events that lead to this choice.

@6 I agree that the Zebia/Elysia route had quite a few great moments. I especially liked the grand battle. This kind of army-on-army battles are so rare in VNs. But in the end, I liked the Mogrey chapter the most. Although it didn't have one thing that stood out, it was great overall. Well, actually there was on thing I loved the most. It was how Ruin won over Shaharl. Unlike other heroines she wasn't naive or sex-crazed, but Ruin proved to be worthy of her and she absolutely fell for him.
#9 by kr2
2019-12-02 at 12:03
@7-8 Yeah i read it. But how then do you get last (24) Zebia cg? Shouldnt it be choice of Boobshire (Captain)?Last modified on 2019-12-05 at 05:31


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