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#1 by shining17
2019-12-01 at 11:39
On Steam, episode one acts as the base game with episode two acting as a paid DLC. But that's not the case with Itch.io as each episode has a page of their own (link / link). Now, how should we handle the Itch links as including them in this release entry is kinda wrong, considering that only one Itch link can be included in one release. Should we make separated releases for the Itch version?

Plus, the Android version also available on Itch as two separated entries.Last modified on 2019-12-01 at 11:47
#2 by beliar
2019-12-01 at 12:35
Ah, I assumed that r63286 is a cumulative update, i.e. it includes both episode 1 & 2, but apparently that is not the case.
In that case, we should split r63286 into two different entries for episodes 1/2 separately. This will also solve the problem with Itch.io links.
#3 by shining17
2019-12-01 at 12:53
Done. Thanks for the input.


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