Old blue VNs work on Win 10?

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#1 by tomtheerogeman
2019-12-01 at 23:15
Hi I want to check out True Blue after briefly seeing the anime 8 years ago. The 2002 disc version crashes on windows 10 after a few lines of text, so I want to know if the newer download editions work. They updated it up to Windows Vista, but has any of you had success playing this or any other old Blue games on Windows 10?
#2 by alto
2019-12-02 at 20:30
Just tried all the games in r67846 on Win 10 and didn't notice any issues. I haven't played any of them to the end yet but at least the first few minutes of each didn't crash.
#3 by tomtheerogeman
2019-12-03 at 04:50
@#2 I have the blue box version as well but the disc is corrupt. The download version should be the Blue Box version then, thanks.
#4 by 3i1
2019-12-03 at 08:22
Just tried all the games in r67846 on Win 10 and didn't notice any issues

The original True Blue does not work on Windows 10, this goes for both the DVD version and download version. Text scrolling issue.

If you want to prevent crashing, use the autoplay function and you will notice the text will continue to display outside of the game's border until the game's script reaches the next paragraph, upon which the screen will refresh and the text will appear at the top of the page again.
You can then check the backlog to see what was hidden.

The only option is to utilize a VM.
#5 by tomtheerogeman
2019-12-03 at 15:50
@#4 I never use autoplay so I didn't think to check it. I got past the prologue with your instructions, so I think I can manage from now on. Thanks a lot!
#6 by sanahtlig
2019-12-03 at 16:06
Thanks, I've added this solution for True Blue to my Windows 10 VN Compatibility List. Feel free to add entries for any other Lilim games that have issues.Last modified on 2019-12-03 at 16:06


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