Regarding unofficial Android port of VNs

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#1 by shining17
2019-12-04 at 20:34
I've found several unofficial/illegal Android port of multiple VNs around the net. Should those be included in the DB? Is it allowed?
#2 by yorhel
2019-12-05 at 07:15
Whether something is official or legal has never been a criteria. The question is whether the release provides additional value, and for ports to different platforms my answer would be yes.
#3 by shining17
2019-12-05 at 09:09
Thank you. I will add it later.
#4 by beliar
2019-12-05 at 15:49
Yes, I agree with Yorhel.

However, it should be taken into account that any schmuck can make an android port of a Ren'Py game. You need no specialized knowledge to do that - just download Ren'Py and repackage the game as an apk.

If you go to F95Zone (not endorsing it), every Ren'Py game there, even those that have no official Android builds, eventually have Android ports posted by some guy on the respective thread.

At first I tried adding a few finished unofficial Android builds to the DB, but eventually stopped doing that. Especially because when there is no official Android builds, everyone is scrabbling to make one, and there are plenty of cases where different people posted their own builds at approximately the same time.

Eventually I just said "Fuck it!" and not bothered with the unofficial builds anymore. If you really want to wade into that madhouse, be my guest. :-)


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