Fandisc or blue ray?

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#1 by hudwar
2019-12-04 at 23:22
Oh yeah will there be a fandisc about island talking about there after story more like more epilogs or i would like to say that is there a blue ray out there pls wanna play it i heard there is but i cant find it
#2 by aftermathofrain
2019-12-06 at 14:03
You mean this? And the three other, one per a Blu-Ray volume?
>原作シナリオのごぉ書き下ろしISLANDアフターストーリーノベル「ISLAND Re: 1巻」(約96ページ)

Since the page count is mentioned, those are gonna be printed stories. Gotta buy the Blu-Rays. Or hope someone scanned them somewhere.


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