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#1 by mutsuki
2019-12-09 at 04:36
< report >link
Livestream for annoucement: link

you've got to be joking

another 4 routes (assuming new heroine gets a new route as well)

another 2 mil moji, which someone in the stream comments suggested was just under 20 novels (dubious claim tbh)

and to top it off a deluxe edition as well (rip wallet)Last modified on 2019-12-09 at 05:00
#2 by kiru
2019-12-09 at 08:38
< report >The first game doesn't even have 2mb. (It's about Kanon's length, so it's one of the shorter Key games) If this isn't having the content of the first version and is really 4mb, that'd be weird. Though I'm obviously talking about unique text.

That said, 4mb really are about 20 novels. Light Novels. Though they can also be above 200kb obviously, that length does very much exist. A normal book is usually at least twice of that, if not more though.
#3 by gvbn
2019-12-09 at 14:20
< report >they corrected it on twitter afterwards

#4 by kiru
2019-12-09 at 14:30
< report >Makes more sense that way. This is basically the version to play then. I think the game had potential, but felt like it needed another year of polishing and the routes a bit better fleshed out. This could be even more than just that. Though hopefully they do look at the old routes a bit, and don't just add stuff of the same quality..
#5 by mutsuki
2019-12-09 at 17:14
< report >#3, it's great they corrected it, but that makes it even less clear how much is new content :/

I think it's probably a good idea to expand the story, because there were a lot of questions I had in SP that were left unanswered.
#6 by lala7
2019-12-10 at 13:47
< report >what's with RPG gameplay at 55:09, their new gacha game?
Looking forward to DLC.
#7 by sanahtlig
2019-12-10 at 20:43
< report >And here I thought Key was getting into NTR. This topic disappoints.
#8 by eienwofukukaze
2019-12-11 at 00:39
< report >@6 Yes, probably so. They mention it will release on iPhone/Android. The title of the game is "Itsuwari no Alice".
#9 by nyanpower
2019-12-14 at 12:15
< report >So the length of the VN will be even more than 50 hours? Shouldn’t be the infos changed to very long then?
#10 by kiru
2019-12-14 at 13:23
< report >No, it should probably be lowered (the game isn't over 30 hours) and the new version separated. A version with more than twice the content and all kinds of other changes isn't the same game and shouldn't have the same ratings apply to it. But obviously, the game isn't out, so that can be done once there's more to look at than advertisements by the dev.
#11 by nyanpower
2019-12-16 at 18:06
< report >I disagree with both your points.
First, It took me over 30 hours to complete the VN.
Second, it doesn’t make sense creating another entry for the same game but with additional stuff. Just look at LB ecstasy. It is the same case but it doesn’t have another entry for it.Last modified on 2019-12-16 at 18:12
#12 by diabloryuzaki
2019-12-16 at 18:40
< report >#11
but we have real example for that like dies irae pc ver and switch ver, so there is a possibility that RB will be like that
#13 by risus
2020-01-12 at 11:10
< report >Does Alka Translations plan to translate Reflection Blue too? I didn't find any info about this on their site. Does anybody know?
#14 by ninigi
2020-01-12 at 11:20
< report >
The other Summer Pockets thing I’d like to talk about is the newly announced Reflection Blue, an expanded re-release of Summer Pockets featuring additional routes and content. It’s expected to be released in Summer 2020. As that is quite a ways away, we obviously can’t make any serious commitment to it. But our mindset right now is “we want to do it” so if we have the means and the time to translate Reflection Blue when it releases, we will definitely pick it up!

From: link
#15 by risus
2020-01-12 at 14:28
< report >Thanks fot the info! Wait then!
#16 by tows
2020-02-12 at 23:40
< report >I wonder if they will intertwine new routes with the main story or it will be like Little Busters Ecstasy. Whatever it is, am patiently waiting for release. It's gonna be awesome.
#17 by mutsuki
2020-02-12 at 23:59
< report >#16 I'm really hoping it isn't intertwined and it's nice and separate. It won't be though. At least the common route will be redone and maybe a couple scenes in each existing route.

I don't want to have to read the whole game again to make sure I get all the new content. Well here's hoping they have an option in the menu that lets you skip anything that was in the old game and so you can skip everything that isn't new.

That or someone very kindly makes a nice list of where all the new material is.
#18 by silentrzk
2020-02-28 at 11:17
< report >When I was about to get the game and then suddenly there will be an extended version of this game.

Damn I guess I will not play this yet and wait once again.
#19 by risus
2020-02-28 at 15:34
< report >#18, me too. Let's wait then.
#20 by forever-here
2020-02-29 at 20:59
< report >quick question, will the common route or heroine routes be rewritten or this is just added content?
#21 by mutsuki
2020-02-29 at 21:34
< report >#20, the website just says additional context to the common route + new routes. I reckon it will have some influence on other heroines but not much.
#22 by kiru
2020-02-29 at 21:45
< report >Would be a shame though, given how much need for additional stuff these routes have. I don't think anyone REALLY needs another bunch of completely irrelevant rushed 2 hour routes for more characters, and that's it.

Extending the common route might help though. Part of why the routes are so meh is because the heroines basically don't matter outside of their route AND they are so short. If that can be fixed, that'd be a start.Last modified on 2020-02-29 at 21:46
#23 by subsinexus
2020-03-04 at 05:50
< report >GOD DAMN I MUST HAVE DIS. Make it happen. Make it happen immediately~!
#24 by thuongtran1100
2020-03-22 at 12:51
< report >Anyone thinks Reflection Blue gonna become a DLC for the English Steam version of Summer Pocket.
#25 by mutsuki
2020-06-25 at 15:04
< report >hype hype hype it's out i just paid more than i paid for the original game when it came out to buy the same game again i did this for persona 5 royal recently ow my wallet

let's hope the original heroine routes are untouched to save me re-reading them

edit: okay, i did a quick ctrl-heavy skip through the kamome route of the original summer pockets and then through the kamome route in reflection blue, and it seems like they're identical... or at least close enough that it's not worth re-reading. in addition, the other non-heroine map events that were in the original game seem untouched as well. should probably have checked tsumugi's route instead of kamome's because of the heavy link to shizuku but ah well, it's probably pretty much untouched.

edit 2.0: checked tsumugi's route. very slight modifications to the tsumugi map events to incorporate the fact that hairi meets shizuku beforehand in the common route, but there does not appear to be any further modification to the route (e.g. to include the new heroine) or any expansion to the route otherwise. although i am relieved that i don't have to read the whole route again, i'm kinda disappointed. of all the routes, tsumugi's one could have done with a little more explaination, but i doubt there's any change to any other route either.

edit 3.0 checked ao's route. glad i chose to double check this one. there's a few new songs substituted in (one of which doesn't appear to be in the music player!!) but i don't think there's any big additions otherwise, if there is anything, it's small changes.

edit 4.0 checked shiroha's route. it's the same probably. forgot to mention that the thing that happens after every heroine route in summer pockets original happens after every 2 heroines in rb. either clearing any 4 heroines or specifically the original 4 appears to lock you out of umi's route. i have not tested if you can enter it but she's disappeared from the title screen which seems to be a good enough indication when you think about what happens after 2 heroines were cleared in sp original. i think i'm going to delete my save data and redo it. edit 4.5: i had a save on the first map screen when umi was in her original state i.e. she calls you takahara-san . i reckon you can probably move to her route from this save. edit 4.7 yes it worked fine... apart from the route taking less time to clear than it took me to work out shimamon first time round lol

edit 5.0 hype train commences with nomiki's route. it's shorter than the other heroines' routes (i think) but it's still good. it's managed to keep what made og summer pockets so good intact while still building on it. but it has left me wondering... just what did hairi do with those waribashi lol

edit 6.0 did the shimapon fight (table tennis) route. thank the lord for musou mode and shizuku for the 3 hit defense cheese. i don't think any of the other partners are even worth choosing in comparison because you need to tank the special skills in the final boss match unless you've got good reflexes (or you have a touchscreen). tbh it was fun. i liked shimamon fight in og summer pockets so shimapon fight was a good addition.Last modified on 2020-06-28 at 16:33


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