An incoming new Majikoi afterstory

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#1 by raccooncitizen
2019-12-10 at 14:53
For the Hound Squad, hell yeah!

... but that's just one afterstory. Hopefully it's lengthy, or, better yet hopefully they make something like this some time in the future.

There's a different artist this time? Inue Shinsuke.
#2 by zakashi
2019-12-10 at 15:35
Good news, nice.
#3 by bobjr2000
2019-12-10 at 16:18
cool I didn't really see point of last one as felt it didn't add anything.
#4 by soyelmati
2019-12-10 at 22:14
It's cool but I'm somewhat sad it is an after instead another A with individual routes of the Hound Squad (tbh just because I want an individual route of Thelma lol).

And I knew this year would have a new majikoi as it's their 10th anniversary but I got by surprise the late it got announced (maybe problems with the developing, which would explain the change of artist). Nevertheless I'm quite hyped for another majikoi, as I grow quite attached to the series after playing all the games.
#5 by realitymaker
2019-12-11 at 05:18
I've thought that it was disappointing that some characters (like Koyuki, Kokoro) didn't get after stories when the series ended, but maybe there's some small chance after seeing this. Though, with the fact that this was announced without much fanfare, I'm doubting that this will be long length.
#6 by frankcastle
2020-01-11 at 06:46
spoiler -from other source that have played this game,it seems that minatosoft planning on releasing another game on spring 2020(don't know if it a sequel or new game) linkLast modified on 2020-01-11 at 06:56
#7 by praxis
2020-01-11 at 09:33
based on that image, it says 完全新作=new work/IP.


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