[SPOILERS] I have some questions about the ending

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#1 by deniii
2019-12-20 at 04:32
So, I just finished the game and, to be honest, I had to resort to a guide to properly fill the suspects boxes.
Mainly, I have 2 questions:

How are you supposed to figure Mayako killed all those people? (except for Pat)[EDIT: sorry, I meant except for Ko. Pat killed Ko]
The game lets you play again through each crime scene but I never found something that suggested she did it.
How did you, vndb users, figure that?

About Mido's death in particular, when did Mayako kill him? Mido had Patricia hostage in the second engine room and they both fled into a cabin (after shooting Natasha)
It doesn't make any sense to me: Patricia was with Mido (as a hostage), she didn't see Mayako there killing Mido? When Marina goes after them and opens the door, she asks Patricia what happened and she says "I don't know". How? Wasn't she there?

I kind of liked the game but I was hoping for a more Hollywood movie ending when, right at the end, they show you how the mystery person did everything he did.
Kind of like the movie "Now you see me", when right at the end, they show all the magicians' plan from the begininng until the end.
The way it's presented, left me a bit dissapointed since I don't quite understand how everything went down but maybe some of you can give me a hand here, I hope.Last modified on 2019-12-20 at 06:17
#2 by 3i1
2019-12-20 at 04:57
Who is Pat? Who is Mido?
#3 by deniii
2019-12-20 at 05:04
Pat is the fat guy that pretends to be Ko Stoleman.
Mido is the ambassador (green suit with glasses). He is Mayako's father.
#4 by 3i1
2019-12-20 at 06:37
I presumed that all versions used the Japanese names. I had played the Japanese PC-98 version so I'm only aware of the Japanese names. (See character section)
It has been a few years since I have played the game, however at the time I was unable to figure out that the killer was Mayako either.

I believe near the end of the game just outside the engine room Kojirou (Or was is Marina?) falls onto Prisia and remarks how muscular and lean she was for a someone of her upbringing.

It was always lampshaded throughout the game that Purin was Terror, and during the final ending scene, we learn that Mayako was a clone of Prisia. If she is a clone she most likely holds the same physical capabilities, assuming that Prisia was trained in combat. (I can't remember what the backstory was for terror. I believe it had something to do with Eldia secret services?)

Hardly anyone on VNDB has played this game however, so you are most likely not going to receive an answer.
#5 by butterflygrrl
2019-12-20 at 11:16
sorry, i did play the game but then went on a huge rant at the end about how little sense most of it made and how disappointing it was as a mystery. such a waste of what could have been a really interesting mechanic. flipping back and forth between two viewpoints should have allowed you to put together timelines of who was where when and discover secrets. instead if you actually take notes, nothing lines up at all, and the big reveals come from way out of left field and don't really give you any sense of narrative closure.

the 'wacky' translation doesn't help (I played the English version) since some things really came off badly that way. just from what little of the voice acting I've heard, i get the impression that the characters are much more "Lol, Random Assholes" in English.
#6 by 3i1
2019-12-20 at 11:45
>such a waste of what could have been a really interesting mechanic

Playing through Kojirou's route and being stuck when you are supposed to rendezvous with Marina at the hotel due to for the purpose of information gathering, only to find out that you needed to switch viewpoints arbitrarily was frustrating.
I believe it was simply a limitation of programming on the PC-98 at the time. Although who knows?
#7 by gundamace
2019-12-20 at 11:57
This is generally considered to be the game's largest flaw (storywise, anyway), to the point that the PS2 version downright removed the "decide who you think the killer is" aspect and just showed you the diary part at the end. A lot of people felt that there was too little foreshadowing for the twist and didn't even think something like this was possible in the game's story (since the game up until then had been fairly grounded in realism, only for it to take a sudden shift into sci-fi).

As for your second question, IIRC, Patricia (I played the Japanese version so I don't recognize that name, so I assume that it's Prisia) was unconscious during that part, so she didn't see anything.
#8 by deniii
2019-12-21 at 02:23
Yes, Patricia is Prisia.
So, she was unconscious at that point... If that's correct, then it might make sense.
But just as butterflygrrl said, the game should have had some sort of timeline to help keep track of when each event happens. I could swear that, when Prisia and Mido are in the cabin, Mayako was already with Kojiro. I might be wrong here but, without a clear timeline, it's impossible to be sure.

The concept in itself was good but, the limitations of the era didn't do the game any favors.
Thanks everyone for the replies.
#9 by behappyeveryday
2020-03-17 at 06:43
I think the answer is simple - the author just changed the ending and the final answer. All clues through the whole novel hinted that Pricia did have another personality and this personality was the real killer. The game could be a masterpiece close to Yu-No, but the ending was epic fail.
#10 by oltorain
2020-03-26 at 01:07
I didn't feel as though the final answer was headed toward Pricia(Patricia) being the true killer. Purin(Pudding) showing up outside Stolemans house just as he was killed and the blonde hair in Nikaidou hand was just a red herring, with the real twist being Mayako having blonde hair and a clone.

But after just finishing I have some questions as well. So when Mayako killed all those people, was it the previous Kings mind doing the killings while she was unaware? And does her hair always turn blonde when she loses control? Thats what I assume since Nikaidou had blonde hair in his hand.

All in all it was a good experience but I definitely notice the botched translation lol. So many names were changed as well as added jokes that were not in the original.
#11 by gundamace
2020-03-26 at 02:52
Yes, the King's personality was doing the killings with Mayako unaware of his presence. It's not said explicitly if her hair is always blonde when she loses control, but it's a fair assumption to make given the circumstances.Last modified on 2020-03-26 at 02:52
#12 by oltorain
2020-03-26 at 14:34
Great, thanks!
#13 by ginseigou
2020-03-26 at 17:04
The main problem of this kind of detective stories (Hello Umineko) is that the scenario writer could've made anyone to be the culprit without changing the plot much - it could be the mc or someone else with split personality (popular trope), some random NPC that shows for five minutes, some guy who pretended to be dead or long lost family member like in G-senjou, nevertheless the plot would've been essentially the same. The author shows that this person is the culprit, but there was no conclusive evidence pointing on that person before in the story. It's like in the movie CLUE with 3 possible endings where the culprit is different every time, but the events are the same.Last modified on 2020-03-26 at 17:43


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