Who are this guys [speculation]

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#1 by n4sh
2019-12-21 at 13:53
So... On the day of the Baldr Sky release, this group simultaneously releases a patch that fixes all and every piece of censored/removed content, that attaches flawlessly to the official game.

Either there was some sort of insider that was supplying the group with pre-releases, or they purposedly spent resources on creating this patch unofficially to be released at the same time the game did.. I guess?

What do you guys think?Last modified on 2019-12-21 at 13:54
#2 by shining17
2019-12-21 at 14:01
#3 by maou-jp
2019-12-21 at 14:01
Inside job.
#4 by sakurakoi
2019-12-21 at 15:50
Time Travelers
#5 by lala7
2019-12-21 at 19:08
El psy congroo!
#6 by coldnobility
2019-12-22 at 10:34


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