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#1 by poiuw
2019-12-29 at 14:29
(Use this thread as much as you like to argue about your best heroine or route :D)

I like all heroines, I think all of them are slightly better than an average VN. However I cant say the same about their routes, all of them failed the premise from good characters - short, underdeveloped, poor transition from common route and many other weak points.

My favorite heroine is Cro.
Order: Cro > Makoto > DD > Michiru = Misaki = MiuLast modified on 2019-12-29 at 14:29
#2 by yuuridudester
2019-12-29 at 16:51
Kuro, not Cro.
#3 by kiru
2019-12-29 at 17:06
Cro would be correct. Because Chronos. Kuro is okay in Japanese, but most English speakers would pronounce it wrong, while Cro is the intended pronunciation.

Reminds me how they changed "Jakuri" to Jacqli in Ar Tonelico 2, and people were mad for no reason. Jacqli is exactly the right and intended pronunciation, while most would pronounce "Jakuri" differently, and as such wrong.Last modified on 2019-12-29 at 17:08
#4 by yuuridudester
2019-12-29 at 17:12
Funny you say that, since "Cro" does not have the same pronunciation as "Chro" in Chronos.
#5 by poiuw
2019-12-30 at 01:02
Dude, this thread is not about Japanese pronounciation. Kuro is Japanese, because they cant spell something like Cro in their language, which in western translation means Cro. Your logic is wrong its Kuro = Kuronosu (Romaji) and Cro = Chronos (CH is here pronounced as K). BTW official english patch is using Cro.Last modified on 2019-12-30 at 01:19
#6 by yuuridudester
2019-12-30 at 01:39
Ch is not pronounced as k in Chronos.
#7 by diabloryuzaki
2019-12-30 at 03:51
it's weird, despite chronos is true for english speaker, mc never said chro or cro because it is hard to pronounce it so he change it to kuro. that's why chronos feel irritated because her name become cat name. i don't know why people (english reader) make chronos (chro/cro) = kuro despite both of them is different existence
#8 by barfboy
2019-12-30 at 14:04
Misaki not in first place with all the votes ... This is a joke, you guys are joking right?
#9 by danagusti
2019-12-30 at 14:50
To be fair, i prefer misaki as my favourite heroine than another girl.
#10 by hanamidorikawa
2019-12-30 at 19:20
Makoto FTW
#11 by steviol
2019-12-31 at 12:01
misaki the winner! (For a while i mean :D)
#12 by silvercover
2020-01-04 at 14:02
michiru, she's prominent and contributes in every route while most of the others don't really matter.
#13 by periah250
2020-01-06 at 08:47
Oh my god dorothy has no bloody votes XD
#14 by poiuw
2020-01-08 at 23:11
To be fair, I didnt expect Misaki to have so many votes, but with they act like owarai comedy duo.
Cro and Makoto also contributed in many routes.
#15 by silvercover
2020-01-17 at 16:37
oh yeah cant believe that dorothy has less votes than miu.
#16 by omikron
2020-02-28 at 21:18
My opinion:

Cro > D.D. > Misaki > Makoto > Miu > Michiru

To be completely honest, I think the protagonist is a real dumbass, as he often acted in certain ways I really disliked, but that might be just me.

I'm not a fan of sisterly routes at all. And I do not really like her attitude.
While D.D.'s route was the most moving one, I enjoyed Cro's the most. Stil, it is very hard for me to place either in first place.

I enjoyed Misaki a lot, too, just not as much as D.D. or Cro.
As for Makoto, I expected more to be honest as she was the girl whom I was most interested in, next to Cro.
In D.D.'s case it is the exact opposite. First, I was not really interested in her, but after her route, she was my favourite until Cro came up.

Lastly, I am not very good at dealing with death, therefore I was so glad that in the end D.D. had her whole life still to look foward to.Last modified on 2020-02-28 at 21:20
#17 by foreverdream
2020-03-02 at 10:00
For Michiru, maybe (with the fact that she's our sister), But I think that Misaki is less interesting than Michiru.
#18 by silvercover
2020-03-25 at 14:26
nice to see michiru pulling through most of the others, though still sad to see there's more miu votes than dorothy votes.
#19 by zakashi
2020-03-25 at 21:29
What is the question supposed to mean? I interpret "Best heroine" different from "best route", since some people here use the route's story as a parameter to answer the poll.
#20 by omikron
2020-03-30 at 09:58
#19 I get your point, yet...
...on the other hand, does the route not determine the character's development to some extend and therefore kinda has to be used when voting for the bist girl? That's the way I see it, at least.
#21 by silvercover
2020-04-01 at 02:48
in most other VNs of this genre id agree since usually the rest of the girls "disappear" from the story the moment you lock into one of the routes, but there are some VNs like this that have other heroines still have something to contribute to another heroines' routes. in this case, for me anyway, michiru's route was not only one of the sweetest but she also helped quite a bit in the other routes.
#22 by omikron
2020-04-01 at 17:28
Correct! But then again that doesn't refute what I said. At least, I did not mean it in the certain way "one girl per route". While you're on the route of one girl others might add a lot, too. So, you can see the character growth of one girl without being on that character's route. Know what I mean? ;-PLast modified on 2020-04-01 at 17:29


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