Toll highway svanaris cliffs help?

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#1 by periah250
2020-01-01 at 01:48
Is this mission impossible to beat or something? Rishe is stuck at 36 health even on newgame plus and i cant control her movements. No matter how quickly i move my units enemies will appear which will slowly my units down. I cant just leave them because theyll attack rishe who has no health. I cant stay infront of her to take care of any enemies because she will move as far as possible even if she runs into 3 enemies. The ai in this game is dumb as rocks. How the hell do i beat this mission? It honestly seems pretty broken to me.Last modified on 2020-01-01 at 01:48
#2 by lipefe2014
2020-01-01 at 16:40
Oh I remember this stage, the AI is not bad, it's this stage that is programmed for her to move that way so you purposely have a hard time, you can move ahead and trigger the enemies to appear by touching where they are hiding and then killing them fast.Last modified on 2020-01-01 at 16:41
#3 by periah250
2020-01-01 at 20:41
Sure hard but escort missions are hard enough but programming it so the escort is downright eager to get her head chopped off? Jesus christ way to make the worst mission.
#4 by lipefe2014
2020-01-02 at 00:52
Well, good luck! I don't think there is many missions like that in the game, or I don't remember, it has been ages since I played.
#5 by periah250
2020-01-02 at 02:22
Thank you ill do what i can.
#6 by kiru
2020-01-02 at 08:07
As long as you aren't playing on hard mode, the game is very very doable. I know that may not help by itself, but it means there's a way that shouldn't be too hard. I generally get angry at badly made missions pretty fast, and this sounds like one, but I don't even remember it. Meaning, it can't actually be that bad.

Just, whatever you do, never ever do hard mode. The game's mana system is broken. No need to make it even worse by removing that broken system from the enemy to buff them.
#7 by periah250
2020-01-02 at 08:49
Oh i dislike these turn based games anyway im just playing on easy with a 100% save to make it as much of a breeze as possible. Except this mission where the very premise is destroyed by incredibly stupid ai. Were trying to complete a quest but our healer decides to run up to the enemy? Yea the logic doesnt really hold up there.
#8 by tyr
2020-01-02 at 12:36
You can blame this game for many things, but certainly not for bad mission design. This game contains the most well-designed missions and maps of any Eushully game (which are all ruined by the bad leveling system and general story, but that's another topic).

I played the game on hard without ever doing any sidequests (because of max-leveling purposes) and was able to beat all story maps by using brain and strategy. I remember that this mission seemed impossible at first, but was very doable by using the appropriate skills against the enemies.

I wish this game had a different levelup system, the gameplay is actually really not that bad and the mission design excellent.
#9 by lipefe2014
2020-01-02 at 20:39
Wait, you are playing on easy and with a 100% save, and you still lose in an early mission in the game...look, I don't want you to be mad, but instead of blaming the game, have you ever considered that you might be the problem, that you are just bad at this game? You don't even like turn based games...this game is 50+ hours you know, you'll get a LOT of turn based gameplay.Last modified on 2020-01-02 at 22:07
#10 by periah250
2020-01-02 at 23:17
Oh ill fully admit im probably not very good at turnnbased games. But can it really be excused to have a target your supposed to protect jump gleefully into enemy lines and literally smack into the enemy first chance they get? Am i trying to brute force a stradegy game? Yes certainly. At the same time is this mission design not designed very well? I think so. Nearly all escort games give the escortee at least a basic function of "stay away from enemy" for very simple reasons. Namely its frustrating as hell to see a weak unit that needs protected barrel straight into incoming fire. Its completely nonsensical.Last modified on 2020-01-02 at 23:18
#11 by dragoondeus
2020-01-08 at 11:35
How do you farm more runes for your new characters? I am just not getting enough runes to have them catch up with the mc in development. I just got the dragon girl so I would like to farm some runes for her but not sure best way of doing so.
#12 by kiru
2020-01-08 at 17:32
You don't.

That's what Tyr meant with the level-up system. If you want to have the strongest characters, you need to purposely ignore the side-content till you have all characters. The only time you get a guaranteed rune is if you finish a map/mission for the first time, and only for all characters you already have.
Now, you don't need to ignore everything, but keeping a good chunk helps getting your favorite later joining characters into shape. They are already stronger than early joining characters and have less room to grow, but without available side-maps they are likely going to lag behind.

edit: For record's sake. You can get stuff in another way. But this is also not repeatable. Most maps have hidden runes that ONE character may find and then use. Those come from special enemies that are usually hidden until you destroy the "whatever" where they hide. Like a tree or something else destroyable. Not worth it, and like I said, not repeatable.Last modified on 2020-01-08 at 17:34
#13 by kinseryu
2020-01-15 at 14:36
Svanaris Cliff Escorting Rishe.

That was an easy one, Rishe have 4 space moves while the only character that you can summon quickly with higher move at that time was the Wolf Girl. You just need to move by "Blocking" the space Rishe can move farther from her untill you get enough Crystal to summon other characters to block her route. This happen normally at the far southern zone of the map where the path is too narrow for her to cross. If your characters that are on the front lines can't keep up with the damage, bring pills and recoveries untill you seize a Sacred Seal and heal all your party untill you meet the orcs.

@periah250 : (Nearly all escort games give the escortee at least a basic function of "stay away from enemy" for very simple reasons. Namely its frustrating as hell to see a weak unit that needs protected barrel straight into incoming fire. Its completely nonsensical.)

Ehmm, have you played the turn-based game series called "Fire Emblem"...?
You will have a haaaaaaard time in the mission of escorting "Green" units. Seriously.

That's the beauty of these games sometimes, to come up with an strategy so you will have to protect these Leeroy Jenkins units.

Most escorting missions I have played in other games doesn't have this "stay away" that you speak of. Baldr Bringer and Baldr Heart for example have some escort mission which are HELL.

And those are not turn based.Last modified on 2020-01-15 at 14:44


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