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#76 by ecchihieronymus
2020-04-26 at 20:20
< report >'Save as default' doesn't work for my user created list, at least I think so. Instead of Playing, Finished, Dropped and Stalled I created one list 'Bought' and saved that as default for 'My Visual Novel List'. However, when I use 'On my Visual Novel List' in the search function it uses ALL Visual Novels that I have in a list, be that Wishlist, Blacklist or any of the other. Is this working as intended because technically 'On my Visual Novel List' could mean 'as long as the user has it in a list, doesn't matter which, it'll be displayed'?
#77 by Yorhel
2020-04-27 at 05:14
< report >
'On my Visual Novel List' in the search function
That feature is broken and should be updated to allow you to select labels freely rather than the currently given options, but it'll take a bit before I get to that. A modification to respect your saved defaults is something I'm still considering (t2520.388)
#78 by ecchihieronymus
2020-05-01 at 12:00
< report >Instead of ranting in 'Sales' I might as well use this opportunity to ask if we could, in a future list update, get the ability to sort by Developer? DMM just destroyed all order on my bookmark list and you sadly can't sort their list at all (unlike DLSite) so now I'm stuck with either leaving it as is, which is not an option, or re-sorting everything. I know this feature would have very little actual use as I assume that not everyone will be as crazy-meticulous about their WL arrangement as me but it never hurts to bring something like this up.

On a side note, is anybody else experiencing slow loading speeds when it comes to pictures on VNDB? Does this have to do with IPs downgrading connections/preferring certain traffic during these trying times?Last modified on 2020-05-01 at 12:02
#79 by kurothing
2020-08-18 at 07:10
< report >Hopefully this is the right thread to post this in, instead of the old API development thread.

The documentation for the get ulist command is... woefully wrong.

The root response has 3 properties, more, num and items. The items property is an array of objects, each object containing the properties listed in the documentation for 5.11... This is unusual, since for all the other get commands in the API docs, the properties listed are in the root, and not a sub-item.

There is nothing explaining this, so when developing based off of the documentation there are issues because the response from the command is not what the docs says it is.
#80 by Yorhel
2020-08-18 at 07:17
< report >
This is unusual, since for all the other get commands in the API docs, the properties listed are in the root, and not a sub-item.
Huh, literally all the get commands work that way, as described in d11#5. What did I miss?
#81 by kurothing
2020-08-20 at 05:13
< report >I'm drunk /s

Looks, it's been a while since I've used the API... :P *goes back to the drawing board*
#82 by aptx-4869
2022-01-13 at 07:15
< report >is it possible to add an entry to ulist that is a list of release id + user option for each vn in the ulist?

right now there's no way to get a list of releases for a user


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