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#51 by diabloryuzaki
2020-01-06 at 04:32
btw can i ask why sorting wishlist in asc/desc give me result high-low-med or med-low-high? didn't it should high-med-low or low-med-high like before? i think we should have one column in database to save this high-med-low priority rather than sort it based on alphabetic order
#52 by shining17
2020-01-06 at 06:33
Is it possible to delete any/all "built-in" labels? (Excluding the "voted" label)
#53 by rodzynek
2020-01-06 at 16:55
is it possible to automatically set Finish date when you click Finished on Label???
it's hard to remember when you finished previous titles. For example You change from Playing to finished 03-05-2018 And that date will be showed in column finish dateLast modified on 2020-01-07 at 09:24
#54 by aexis
2020-01-10 at 22:07
- Add a new "if this label is assigned, the item is always private" label property, overruling any assigned public labels. Not sure adding more complexity to the public/private algorithm is going to help make it any more intuitive, though.

I think this is the way to go, it allows for a high degree of flexibility with the private labels.


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