The New User Option Needs Changes

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#1 by silent-n1ght
2020-01-01 at 10:06
I've always loved how we can just set a status for a certain visual novel (e.g. playing, finished, stalled) straight away by clicking on the white rectangle box which gives a drop down menu and selecting a status automatically adds the VN to our list.

Now we have to click on "Add to list" and select a label (since when was a reading status considered label and can have multiple labels on a single VN?). It personally doesn't make sense to me but the most bothering thing is that you added an extra step (add to list) which is completely meaningless because you literally have to add it to your VN list to be able to add labels and we don't have the original white rectangle box we used to have when selecting status, it's literally invisible until you click on the dash...Last modified on 2020-01-01 at 22:25
#2 by sosseres
2020-01-01 at 20:15
I couldn't even understand how to add it. Thank you for the explanation. Also makes it harder to know if you have played it before or not.
#3 by beliar
2020-01-01 at 20:25
The only real problem with the whole "user options" thing right now, as far as I can see, is that it blends into the surroundings too much. New users (and some of the existing ones for sure) might not even realize where they need to click in order to vote on a VN.

I would say that the option needs to be separated somehow. maybe bolded , framed or given a different colour.
#4 by hansfranz77
2020-01-01 at 21:30
So how does this work? I saw its possible to put vns in diffrent priorities, but is there even a feature to make diffrent lists,that would make this useful in any way and not just very annoying if you missclicked?Last modified on 2020-01-01 at 21:31
#5 by silent-n1ght
2020-01-01 at 22:22
#3 Exactly my point, it should have a white frame like before but remove the "add to list"


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