List of VN related discords as of 2020

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#1 by NowItsAngeTime
2020-01-04 at 17:34
Last year I linked a list of the known Visual Novel related discords I knew about.

There were a handful I found throughout the year that I added. Enough that I felt it would be good to post this list again for people to find an updated list of discords of series they've read in the last year or didn't know exist.

Not including things like DanganRonpa/Ace Attorney discords since those games are so popular they're not really VN community based as much and are super easy to find.

Most of these should be welcome to all readers. Whether you want to read the series for the first time, or have already and just want to discuss the VNs. Just make sure to respect spoilers and any other rules the discord has.

If there are any notable Visual Novel related discords you want me to add to this list that I forgot or you feel should be put on here, or one of the links doesn't work, let me know.


**List of Discords for official licensing companies, TL groups, developers and major websites**

* MangaGamer- link
* JAST USA - link
* JAST BLUE (yaoi aka Guy x Guy Visual Novels) - link
* Sekai Project - link
* Sol Press - link
* Nekonyan - link
* Fruitbat Factory- link
* Nexton- link
* ALICE IN DISSONANCE (Fault Milestone developers) - link
* Todokanai (White Album 2 Fan TL group) - link
* Torishirojima Island (Summer Pockets FanTL Group) - link
* Tsurezure Scans (Hatsukoi/Tsujidou/Hoshiori/Gin'iro Haruka FanTL group)- link
* Committee of Zero (Chaos Head Noah FanTL + SciADV patch improvements) - link
* ShiraVN (fanTL group for Magister Magistrate, Your Diary+ retranslation, and Meteor World Actor.) - link
* /r/visualnovels - link
* DevTalk+ (Visual Novel Development Community)- link
* Fuwanovel - link
* - link
* Kazamatsuri - link
(Kazamatsuri also requires user to fill out a form to confirm you) - link)


**List of fanmade discords for VN series**

* Air - link
* Aokana / Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm - link
* Ar Tonelico Surge Concerto series - link
* Baldr series - link
* Chaos;Head/Child playthrough and discussion server: link
* Dies Irae - link
* Doki Doki Literature Club - link
* Fata Morgana - link
* Flowers - link
* Grisaia - link
* If My Heart Had Wings/Kono Oozora + Sky Full of Stars/Miazora - link
* Island/Himawari - link
* Kanon - link
* KEY/VisualArts (Kanon, Air, Clannad, Planetarian, Little Busters, Rewrite, Angel Beats, Harmonia, Summer Pockets) - link
* Katawa Shoujo link
* Little Busters - link
* MajiKoi/Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai + Tsujidou-san - link
* Muv-Luv - link
* Narcissu and other stage-nana VNs - link
* NekoPara - link
* Otome Games - link
* Overdrive (Edelweiss, KiraKira, Deardrops, Dengeki Stryker, Go Go Nippon, Bokuten) - link
* Rewrite - link
* Root Double / Infinity Series (Never7, Ever17, Remember11) / IO - link
* Saya no Uta - link
* Steins Gate + Science Adventure VNs (Chaos;Head, Robotics;Notes, Chaos;Child, etc) - link
* Subahibi/Subarashiki Hibi/Wonderful Everyday - link
* Symphonic Rain - link
* Tactics (One and Moon) - link
* Type Moon - link
* Umineko (/r/umineko) - link
* Utawarerumono - link
* VA11-HallA - link
* YU-NO - link
* Yuri (Girl x Girl) Visual Novels - linkLast modified on 2020-01-05 at 20:02
#2 by midokuni
2020-02-02 at 19:33
[link](Yosuga no Sora TL Group)
#3 by ffthewinner
2020-02-03 at 02:23
thanks for the links :)
#4 by pramit
2020-02-04 at 17:33
I never knew so many discord channels existed
#5 by erohatasensei
2020-05-20 at 02:34
Very useful page. Can I bookmark this thread somehow??
#6 by zakashi
2020-05-20 at 02:56
#5 I don't know but you can use the tools you have somehow, start a new thread in your user board and save the link of this one there.
#7 by kiru
2020-05-20 at 11:46
Every browser supports bookmarks...
#8 by erohatasensei
2020-05-22 at 17:19
#7 Damn, I'm retarded xd
#9 by kazuxsora
2020-05-24 at 15:39
link a little about all i guess. Mostly VN that can be played on Android


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