Has anyone played this game yet?

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#1 by nanami-chan
2020-01-05 at 00:48
If you have, What are your thoughts? Did you enjoy it? This is probably the first Yuzusoft game where all the heroines are in collage/adults.Last modified on 2020-01-05 at 00:48
#2 by diabloryuzaki
2020-01-05 at 01:23
not bad and the joke is good too. but sadly i can't enjoy it too much because the theme in it is cafe. okay, if you enter heroine route you will feel a little about cafe later but that is only happen after you completed common route. sanoba witch itself is enough if you want to want to feel cafe theme unless you are cafe maniac
#3 by hahalolz
2020-01-11 at 05:37
I honestly enjoyed it a lot. I'm quite glad they did a workplace setting instead of schools since I'm pretty much sick and tired of them at this point. The heroines are all wonderful in this game and Kanna=Natsume>Nozomi>Mei>Suzune is how I'd rate their routes in the order I enjoyed them. I noticed how this game reuses a lot of concepts from previous titles.

The protagonist absorbing soul butterflies feels pretty much similar to Sanoba Witch's protagonist absorbing Nene's collected heart fragments(or whatever they were called idr) and even the reason why they absorb them is similar. The protagonist receiving "divine punishment" and a goddess heroine involved is similar to Tenshin Ranman, hell even both of them have a "sidekick" that has an animal and human form. In Nozomi's route, without spoiling, I think there was something reused from Senren Banka(other than that blatant name drop) but I have to replay it again cuz I'm not entirely sure.
Their previous game Riddle Joker was basically a spiritual successor to Dracu-Riot so I'm wondering if they're running out of ideas. Yuzusoft as always though create good quality charage with attractive heroines and decent amount of comedy.

I gotta say though, Natsume's face of contempt is the best.
#4 by omnixd
2020-02-11 at 00:03
It is pretty good but... you'll inevitably make high expectations of the 'true?' route, aka kanna route, but yeah.. copied quite some stuff from nene's route but didnt deliver the expectations that was built, still, the rest are 10/10.[spoiler]Last modified on 2020-02-11 at 00:04
#5 by concord
2020-02-22 at 07:05
Akizuki-chan literally BEST GIRL!! She has great personality. Her laugh is so cute! Her hair makes her look so strong yet still preserves her femininity! She's like a wolf with that hair! The way she smiles is so cute! The way she cares about you is so comforting! She's very expressive with her face! I love her eyes, her hair, her smile, her clothes, the way she talks, EVERYTHING!! BEST GIRL OF ALL TIME!

Edit: Her name even means "bright moon" which matches her personality and hair and clothesLast modified on 2020-02-22 at 07:26
#6 by riguru121
2020-03-21 at 03:12
#7 by alexdft
2020-03-26 at 22:59
She has one.


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