How can I exit out of VN Reader?

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#1 by kaynedenny5454
2020-01-05 at 22:55
I want to exit out of it completely with my mouse cursor being normal. How do I do this and if I turn my computer off. Will something bad happen?Last modified on 2020-01-05 at 22:55
#2 by bestkatalyn
2020-01-05 at 23:18
VN Reader has an icon in the notification area so you need to Right Click -> Quit on that icon. Sometimes it the cursor gets bugged and remains after you've quit VNR.
And of course you can turn off your computer, this is not a virus or anything like that 😂
#3 by kratoscar2008
2020-01-06 at 03:01
In the settings there should be an option to have a normal cursor instead of the bpue one.


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