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#1 by poiuw
2020-01-08 at 23:19
< report >Kanon for win!!!Last modified on 2020-01-08 at 23:19
#2 by styr
2021-11-29 at 23:17
#3 by periah250
2022-01-10 at 00:39
< report >I know this will make me a periah....but shizuka.
#4 by styr
2022-01-10 at 16:17
< report >There's nothing wrong with Shizuka, she's a great (comic relief) character. I would love for her to reappear in a future Marmalade title! She could start out still pining for Ryou, only for the new protagonist to sweep her off her feet.
#5 by Tremmy
2022-01-10 at 17:49
< report >Haven't felt routelet pain as bad as Shizuka made me feel in quite a long time. Ushio made it feel a little better though.Last modified on 2022-01-10 at 17:53
#6 by AmanoKaze
2022-01-11 at 02:22
< report >Would vote hard for JC
#7 by somaka
2022-01-11 at 03:00
< report >Ushio satisfies both my rod and heart :))
EDIT : Just finished Sasa's route and I'm actually impressed hmmm this is getting tougher... I might change my opinion @_@
EDIT 2 : I finished this and here is my conclusion
Ushio > Raiha, Kanon and Sasa
Yep, there's only 1st and 2nd place lolLast modified on 2022-01-13 at 03:24
#8 by styr
2022-01-11 at 05:58
< report >Just noticed this got translated. I hope you all enjoy the amazing and wonderful Ushio.


I honestly never thought Marmalade games would get translated, nevermind that four would get translated in quick succession in a half-year's time. I know a lot of people aren't fans of Shiravune for one reason or another, but the fact that Marmalade titles (among other studios) are being translated when in all likelihood they would have never been translated otherwise, should be considered a net positive for the english visual novel community.

Perhaps if we are lucky we might see other "B-tier" studios get their works translated, like Hulotte, hibiki works, and Hooksoft. Although Hulotte is the most likely of the bunch to be selected, as Shiravune has worked with other CuffsCo imprints, specifically MintCUBE's Ninki Seiyuu. Cuffs Co., Ltd.Last modified on 2022-01-13 at 05:11
#9 by molester
2022-01-16 at 18:26
< report >Imagine Shizuka fan-disc set after 10 years...

Otherwise it goes: Ushio>>Raiha>>>>>>>>>>>>Kanon

Sasa was so fucking annoying I didn't even bother with her.Last modified on 2022-01-17 at 15:23
#10 by mizuki12
2022-01-17 at 06:12
< report >i like ushio personalities and her VA, but there is one thing that will make she is the best is, HER BOOBS!! maybe D or more, and then i will vote her lol.
kanon is naive, kind-hearted girl but, she is more-like child so im not voting her.
maybe i will choose raihaLast modified on 2022-01-17 at 06:14
#11 by styr
2022-01-20 at 18:38
< report >Give Ushio-oneesama... D-cups???? Burn the heretic!
#12 by afiefsky
2022-01-23 at 10:31
< report >That's easy, Raiha


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