Custom vote not working on Chrome

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#1 by augustop
2020-01-09 at 23:32
I'm having trouble applying a custom vote (e.g, 7.5) to a game on my list.

I tested on another browser (Edge) and the vote worked normally, but on Chrome the spinning loading wheel keeps going forever and the vote isn't accepted. My Chrome version is 79.0.3945.117 64 bits.Last modified on 2020-01-09 at 23:32
#2 by echozulu
2020-01-10 at 00:51
Updated Chrome to the stated version and was able to reproduce the error.
#3 by xvio
2020-01-10 at 00:57
79.0.3945.88 (64-bit) here and I can't get my decimal votes to go through either.
#4 by rampaa
2020-01-10 at 01:06
It works fine with the said Chrome version (ie. 79.0.3945.117 64-bit) for me.
#5 by mikuxdrift
2020-01-10 at 03:09
produced the same error on my side too. (79.0.3945.117 64-bit) sometimes it goes through sometimes not.

the thing i also noticed that i had to either input the vote twice (sometimes thrice) or reload the page then vote again.
#6 by rampaa
2020-01-10 at 03:40
Tried to reproduce the problem again. I think I've pinpointed the steps to reproduce it. Pressing the enter key after typing the vote results in the aforementioned problem for me, but if I just simply click somewhere else instead of pressing the enter key, the aforementioned problem does not occur.Last modified on 2020-01-10 at 03:41
#7 by lucascba93
2020-01-10 at 07:05
Ah, you are right, it works if I just click somewhere else.
#8 by yorhel
2020-01-10 at 07:54
That's what I get for only testing sane browsers (i.e. Firefox).

Just fired up a Windows VM. Can reproduce in Brave, but don't really understand why it's happening. Will investigate further...

EDIT: Pressing tab also works. It's just the enter key that's broken.Last modified on 2020-01-10 at 07:59
#9 by yorhel
2020-01-10 at 08:53
Alright, changed the way the enter key was grabbed and it seems to be working now.
#10 by augustop
2020-01-10 at 11:20
It's working now. Thanks.


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