Aisai Nikki Ending Question

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#1 by echozulu
2020-01-11 at 02:43
Don't spoil anything if at all possible, please.

Can some of the people who read this tell me what kinds of endings this VN has? There are no Ending tags for this VN and the description lead me to believe that there are a lot of bad endings when I first read it. I've watched the OVA just now and it either has a good ending exclusive to the OVA itself or it shows a good ending from the VN. I'm only against stuff like 'Only Bad Endings' and I'd love to be able to read as many Orcsoft VNs as possible, so an answer would be appreciated and if possible adding the appropriate tags as well.

There are 4 people who voted on it in the last 2 months so I'm counting on them or someone who still remembers everything about it to tag it appropriately and answer my question. Thanks in advance :DLast modified on 2020-01-11 at 02:49
#2 by conduit
2020-01-12 at 09:14
There's about three or four endings, if I recall. They range from netorase, netorare, to happy endings. Though, if netorase is your thing to begin with -- which, why else would you play Aisai Nikki for? -- then those netorase endings could be considered pretty happy endings as well.Last modified on 2020-01-12 at 18:33
#3 by echozulu
2020-01-12 at 19:15
The OVA ending was a Netorase ending where the wife had her husband and his kouhai as a harem and the latter being restricted to her ass only, after the former overcame his erectile dysfunction/his kink was fulfilled. I mostly read netorare/rase VNs for the superior art and production value (compared to more vanilla nukige), and the corruption factor :D Could just be that it's a "the grass is greener on the other side" kind of deal. It helps, too, that most netorare/se titles are written in a way where you can insert yourself as the guy who netoris.Last modified on 2020-01-12 at 22:46


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