You should play this, and here's why.

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#1 by seryuu
2020-01-13 at 14:43
You should play this, and here's why.

Operation Rainfall review 5/5

Nookgaming review

Noisy Pixel 8/10

And if you are still not convinced you can always play the free demo at JAST USALast modified on 2020-01-13 at 14:49
#2 by forever-here
2020-01-13 at 15:50
how bad is the grinding?
#3 by skorpiondeath
2020-01-13 at 19:38
It's bad in the begenning but with auto-battle and resources/level accumulated in new game+ it become less hard to grind, and ofc it depends on how far you wanna go difficulty-wise.

I'll spoiler my reasoning on endings:

About the endings: there are 17+ ending in the game. If you avoid playing stupidly like me you can reach most of them in 2/3 playtrough.
The first 10 good ending can be reached by replaying the final chapter 2 time. On the first time (good ending with corruption) you get the first 5 saving just before the last battle and the other 5 (good ending no corruption) likewise. Sadly on good ending you get to unlock special chars that you wanna keep so you need to end the playtrough, but luckily you can unlock all of them at the same time.

The evil endings (4 if a recall rightly) can be reached replaying last chapter 3 times.
I suggest to go for good ending with all the goddess to unlock their special fighter mode, after that 2 more playtrough to play good and evil routes with enough resourced retaining units xp and level.

Last 3 should be generic endings for normal/good/evil route.
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#4 by forever-here
2020-01-13 at 22:07
changing questions. what's the ratio of grinding to story content?

edit: saw on the other thread. yeah sorry. not playing.Last modified on 2020-01-13 at 22:09
#5 by srthgv
2020-01-13 at 23:12
what do you mean by "grinding" to story content?

Playing the game isn't grinding..., if it is for you then maybe don't play vn hybrids
#6 by sanahtlig
2020-01-14 at 01:36
The usual goal in each mission is to reach the objective in as few turns as possible, as this gives you the best mission grade and rewards you with mission clear bonuses. If you're hanging around waiting for enemies to attack you (grinding) then you're doing it wrong. Also, most of your gameplay time is spent preparing for battle: hiring and equipping units. Battles themselves are very quick.


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