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#1 by skorpiondeath
2020-01-13 at 19:48
Even if not perfectly accurate I'll share my choice guide I built involountarily during my playtroughs:
I have marked choices with:

+1A - 1 affection point
C - conquest point
R - reign point

- Fena: Demand ransom money (10k gold), Demand the prisoners be released (Hell Elixir), Release him for nothing (R), Put him to death (+1A-C)
- Fena: I'm prepared for anything (C), Not in the least (R)
- Fena: Ymir (Fena: +1A), Hel (Hel: +1A), Fenrir (Fenrir: +1A), Jorm (Jorm: +1A)
- Fena: Cleared up Fena's misunderstanding(+1A), Ignored them (C)
- Fena: Pursue (R), Ignore (+1A)
- Fena: I'll keep depending on you in the future (+1A), You don't care about rebuilding your family? (R)
- Fena: Persuasion (R) 2500res, Show Force (C) 10000g
- Fena: Fena (+1A), Mena (R)
- Fena: Accepted (+1A), Rejected (C)
- Fena: Joined them (+1A), Ran away (C)
- Fena: At least it was you who heard it (+1A-R), You better not tell anyone (C)
- Fena: The empire's cooking (C), Yggdrasil flavor (R)
- Fena: Accomodate the natives (R), Prioritize the immigrants (C)

- Tyrca: Cheer up Tyrca (+1A), Laugh It Off (C)
- Tyrca: One day I'll make her mine (R), I don't like her (C)
- Tyrca: All Right (+1A-R), No (C)
- Tyrca: Try If You Can (+1A), Don't waste your time (C)
- Tyrca: Saving My Mother (+1A), My Ambitions (C), None of Your Business (R)
- Tyrca: Are you not angry? (C), Play your role better (R)
- Tyrca: Destroy the bridge (C), Set up a defensive line (R)
- Tyrca: Praise (+1A-R), Scold (C)
- Tyrca: Stop her (R), Allow it (C)
- Tyrca: Tyrca (Tyrca: +1A-R), Fena (Fena: +1A-C)
- Tyrca: Of course (+1A), What do I care? (C)
- Tyrca: Tyrca's favored knight (Tyrca:+1A), Garm's endorsed orc (C), Fena's chosen mage (Fena: +1A), Another man in robes (R)

- Freya: Angry (C), Dumbfounded (+1A)
- Freya: Capture Her (C), Let Her Go (+1A)
- Freya: Your Skill is Impressive (R), Well I Should Expect As Much (C)
- Freya: That's not true (+1A), Don't use me as a replacement (R)
- Freya: I may as well reward your efforts (+1A-R), Well, do what you can (C)
- Freya: Show concern (R), Verbally corner her (C)

- Freya: I'll do you (+1A-C), I'll pass (C)
- Freya: Let her have her way (+1A), Refuse (R)
- Freya: Do what you will (+1A-C), No obviously
- Freya: I'm not satisfied (R), I'm satisfied (C)
- Freya: Interrupt (R), This seems amusing I'll just watch (C)
- Freya: Calm her down (C), Chase her out (R)

- Thor: Accept (+1A), Reject (R)
- Thor: Special Move (R), Soulful Shout (C)
- Thor: Keep it around (C), Burn it (+1A-R)
- Thor: It won't bother you eventually (C), Worry until you're satisfied (+1A)
- Thor: Agree (+1A-R), Express Doubts (C)
- Thor: Accept Thor's offer (+1A-R), Object (C)
- Thor: Accept the invitation (+1A), Reject (R)
- Thor: Sweet nothings (+1A-R), We're under attack! (C)
- Thor: Look into it (+1A-C), It's not a good time (R)
- Thor: Of course (R), Don't take it too far (C)
- Thor: Leave it to Thor (+1A-R), Do it yourself (C)
- Thor: Dispose of it here (C), Dump in another dimension (R)

- Rigret: Accept the proposal (R), Reject the proposal (C)
- Rigret: Show them to me (R), Impressive Rigret (+1A)
- Rigret: Help (+1A), Don't (C)
- Rigret: I expect you to prove your worth in battle (+1A-R), Come to my room (C)
- Rigret: Ask Rigret out to dinner (+1A-R), Send her away (C)
- Rigret: Approve (+1A-C), Make her throw it out (R)
- Rigret: A wooden mythical beast (R), Goddess dolls (C)
- Rigret: Compliment Rigret (+1A-C), Scold her (R)
- Rigret: Maybe so (C), That's not true (+1A)
- Rigret: Leave it to Rigret (Rigret: +1A-C), Call Fena (Fena: +1A-R)
- Rigret: Send her back to Garm (R), Punish her
- Rigret: It's too early (C), I have no intention of using Sinmara that way (R)

- Odin: Threaten to corrupt her(+1A-C), Let her do as she wishes (R)
- Odin/Fena: Approved (Odin: +1A-R), Disapproved (Fena: +1A-C)
- Odin: Invite her out (+1A-C), Eat with her (R)
- Odin: That's right (R), No not really (+1A)
- Odin: I guess not (R), If the situation demanded it (C)
- Odin: Just what's the matter? (+1A), This is interesting (C)
- Odin: Then control yourself (C), Don't worry about it (R)
- Odin: Interfere (R), Leave her alone (C)
- Odin: I was (+1A), No not really (C)
- Odin: Stop her (C), Help her (R)
- Odin: No need to tell me (C), The way you are now is enough for me (+1A)
- Odin: Eat it (+1A-R), Not Eat it (C)
- Odin: Fuck her (R), Go back to work (C)
- Odin: Mess with her (R), Leave her alone (C)

- Fenrir: Execute Them (C), Let Them Live (+1A+R)
- Fenrir: Fuck (+1A), Threaten
- Fenrir: Punish Fenrir (C), Force Her Our (R)
- Fenrir: Do you still want the Dark Lord's throne? (C), Why are you so obsessed with me? (+1A)
- Fenrir: I'm worried Fenrir's working too hard (+1A), I wonder how much I can use her (C)
- Fenrir: Kissed (+1A), Objected (C)
- Fenrir: Use negative reinforcement (C), Use positive reinforcement (+1A)
- Fenrir: Warn Fenrir (R), Place trust in Fenrir (+1A)
- Fenrir: Wait for Fenrir (+1A-R), Depart (C)

- Jorm: Attack the Golem Corp (C), Quickly Retreat (?)
- Jorm: Evaluate her results (+1A), Criticize her failure (R)
- Jorm: She's no more than a pawn (C), She's a woman (+1A)
- Jorm: Leave interrogations to Jorm (+1A), Keep assigning them to Garm (R)
- Jorm: For revenge (C), For your sake (+1A)
- Jorm: Complement Jorm (+1A), Punish her (R)
- Jorm: Listen to what Jorm has to say (+1A-R), Knock Jorm Out (C)

- Hel: Put her in her place (C), Request her assistance (R)
- Hel: Accept her invitation (+1A), Reject her (C)
- Hel: Stop her, See her off (+1A)
- Hel: Leave (C), Stay (+1A-R)
- Hel: Grant permission (+1A-R), Reject the proposal (C)
- Hel: I'll surpass Farba (+1A), Don't compare us (C)
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#2 by wyldstrykr
2020-01-14 at 00:32
a choice guide. thanks! also could you also add how to access/trigger those choices?
#3 by adamloh
2020-01-14 at 06:58
thanks a lot, to be able to trigger those choice you need to migle them, and some how reduce their divinity (for goddeness), about 1% to 39% ,as 40% make them fallen
#4 by skorpiondeath
2020-01-14 at 12:53
Yes you need to mingle character to unlock choices. Usually you unlock 1 event choice and 1 sexual scene every 10% (don't worry if you don't see Fena events suddenly since some events will unlock later on progressing with story). Be advised that upon reaching 0% "Divinity" the goddess become "Corrupted" and this is important story wise. To reach berserk state you need "Train" points to reach 90 for Tyrca, 70 for Freya/Rigret and 80 for Thor.Last modified on 2020-01-14 at 12:53
#5 by pramit
2020-01-15 at 21:55
I will also put my guide here for getting tail medallion, which I made for my playthrough. This is mainly a tabulation of the points/score from each heroine/chapter, and some general advice. You don't really need this, but I thought it might help someone if they are stuck.

Guide for getting tail medallion (chaos+law points >= 90)

Note - You must go chaos route since it gives additional points ([spoiler]mad goddess[spoiler]) (this is not an absolute requirement, but you can have 5 extra points so it makes it easier). So you need at least 20 conquest by chapter 6. There is a limit of 50 points each for chaos and reign for a total of 100. You will most likely have more than 30 conquest points, so you will end up on chaos route anyway.

You unlock the tail medallion automatically when the total of Reign+Conquest is equal to, or exceeds, 90 points.

NEVER pick choices that give ONLY affection. These are mostly in training scenes. Some scenes don't give anything, never pick these choices obviously. Carefully look at a choice in the wiki before deciding, since it might lead to a new choice (such as the choice to fight hell or not).

Don't mingle/train at the same time. You can do it to save time, but you have 999 turns so its really not necessary. Otherwise you may make a mistake, such as having 40 train and mingle at the same time. Having 40 train and 40 mingle makes you miss the mingle scene (in favour of the training scene).

Use the wiki to see the points given for any particular event (link ) - use google translate if you need. Or use the above (OP's) guide.

Tyrca,Freya,Rigret,Thor,Odin: Mingle till 40, then start training till you get evil goddess (usually at 40 train, except for Tyrca who needs 60 train), then continue to mingle or train.
There are 5 points in chapter 8 of chaos route depending on whether or not you want to corrupt them.

Conquest/reign points from mingle -
9 (Tyrca), 7 (Freya), 8 (Rigret), 8(Thor), 9(Odin)

From training -
Tyrca: 2 conquest, 2 conquest/reign.
Freya : 2 conquest, 2 reign, 2 reign/conquest
Rigret : 2 conquest, 1 reign, 2 reign/conquest
Thor : 1 conquest, 2 reign, 2 reign/conquest
Odin : 2 conquest, 1 reign, 1 reign/conquest

Total -
Tyrca : 13 points [13 conquest, OR 2 conquest and 11 reign]

Freya : 13 points [11 conquest and 2 reign, OR 11 reign and 2 conquest]

Rigret : 13 points [12 conquest and 1 reign, OR 11 reign and 2 conquest]

Thor : 13 points [11 conquest and 2 reign, OR 12 reign and 1 conquest]

Odin : 13 points [12 conquest 1 reign, OR 11 reign 2 conquest]

So you can get 65 points total from the main heroines. Not enough clearly.

Points from heroine specific chapter:
Chapter 1 (always tyrca) - 1 conquest/reign
Freya - 1 reign
Thor and Fenrir - 1 conquest/reign [note: choose to align with fenrir since you get nothing for not doing so]
Rigret and Jorm - nothing. Fight with golems and capture jorm. You should do the other chapters (for hell and fenrir) before this, so that jorm stays without you having to give her 2 affection points.
Odin and Hell - For first choice choose don't cooperate to get 1 conquest. Second choice you can get 2 reign points if you choose to retreat, OR 1 conquest point for show power. But you SHOULD select show power here, since the next choice you can get 1 reign/conquest and a h scene.

Total from these choice : 6 points [2 conquest/reign, 1 reign, 1 conquest, 2 reign OR 1 conquest + 1 reign/conquest.]

71 points so far. Let's look at sub-heroines.

Feena : 4 reign, 6 reign/conquest, 2 conquest. So 12 points.
Hell : 2 conquest, 2 conquest/reign. 4 points total.
Fenrir : 2 conquest, 2 reign/conquest, 1 reign. Total 7.
Jorm : 2 conquest, 3 reign, 1 reign/conquest. Total 6 points.

98 points. So that leaves a room of 8 points to make mistakes. Remember that some of the events for demon sister happen later in the game. And feena's events are chapter specific, so consult the wiki.

So how do we go about this?
First, let's tally up:
Conquest/reign - 64 + 1 [assuming you fight hell]
reign - 14
Conquest - 19

So there are more conquest than reign. Which means you should focus slightly more on reign than conquest. It'll work out. Keep an eye on the reign/conquest score and slightly focus more on reign than conquest. Take as much time as needed, the clear bonuses suck anyway.
Conclusion: Getting tail medallion in a single playthrough is easy if you focus on it.

good luck!

Misc(spoilery) : Rigret/Tyrca have an event based on who among them is corrupted. There are three events. You can take both close to 40 training, save the game, corrupt one and see the event, then reload save and do it with the other person to see the second event, then corrupt the remaining to see the third event.
Same for thor/freya.
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#6 by wyldstrykr
2020-01-16 at 00:47
i thought i can get away without training the girls... ty


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