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#1 by animedubamerica
2020-01-13 at 21:01
< report >I must've read it wrong, sorry.Last modified on 2020-01-13 at 21:01
#2 by skorpiondeath
2020-01-14 at 07:03
< report >No problem, the trap is questionable because yes she is a woman but you can clearly see his dick trough hot pants, so visually speaking that's not actually a trap since you can tell he is a man. It was a different story if she mantioned her otokonoko status in the VN.
But next time feel free to share your idea on threads too... we like to discuss borderline cases when they do come up.
#3 by animedubamerica
2020-01-21 at 07:16
< report >A trap is a person who looks like or is mistaken for a girl. So it can be either one. With them being cropped, they definitely look like women.
#4 by animedubamerica
2020-01-21 at 07:18
< report >Note it doesn't say "and", it says "or"
#5 by skorpiondeath
2020-01-21 at 19:05
< report >That's why we questioned about the story of this VN. It has to be mistaken in the story not by us. This was the main reason to open a thread to speak about it. If you think it should be applied the best place to talk about it it's that thread, or by telling me you read the VN and you know for sure that she has been mistaken for a girl.
#6 by beliar
2020-01-21 at 19:37
< report >Trap is a completely different fetish from Transsexual/Shemale fetish. Imho, "Trap" should only be applied when it's a male mistaken for a female or vice versa. I have never heard of a transsexual being referred as a trap in fictional context (in reality, it is used as a slur, which is another reason not to confuse these two completely separate fetishes) and I think it should never ever be applied when the character in question is trans.

After all, the title TransWoman isn't pretending to be a woman anymore (note the Woman part, which means she is already recognized as one by certain definitions), while being a trap is one big game of pretend. And however convincingly feminine a guy in an "otoko no ko" game is, they are still a guy - they are not identifying as a woman, nor are they recognized as one, though they might get mistaken for one initially.Last modified on 2020-01-21 at 19:38
#7 by animedubamerica
2020-01-22 at 06:59
< report >^

You could ask the creator of the tag to change the description.
#8 by beliar
2020-01-22 at 10:33
< report >While I could add an addendum "Don't use this trait with transsexual and shemale characters" to the description myself, I wonder if Skorpion agrees with my assessment.
#9 by skorpiondeath
2020-01-22 at 18:21
< report >Yes I do agree, with the only exception of a full story where the character starts from male/trap to transwoman. That's why eacil in the other thread was asking if in this story it was mantioned a pre-shemale otokonoko(trap) status of the characters... in those cases I think trap can apply together with shemale.Last modified on 2020-01-22 at 18:22
#10 by beliar
2020-01-22 at 20:53
< report >Agreed, Skorpion. I tinkered slightly with the descriptions of the Trap and Reverse-trap traits. If you feel you can improve the description even more, feel free to do so.
#11 by skorpiondeath
2020-01-23 at 12:55
< report >It seems perfect, nothing to add.


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