I'm actually crazy enough to give this a try.

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#1 by whiic
2020-01-14 at 03:35
...and just from the beginning, I realize developer note "If the game lags upon clicking 'NEW GAME', you may need to GIVE IT A MINUTE OR TWO (literally) to start. . . . . .and if it doesn't start'refresh' the page. " is (literally) not a joke.

And it's even worse asset-flip than I ever could have expected it to be. Not just did they asset-flip DDLC in every way possible, but they screwed up music loops in the process.

And it was even worse than I ever could have imagined. On the good side, it was so bad it was unintentionally good. I'm not going to give it a high vote for failing hilariously. This is the same kind of "good" as Air Control.Last modified on 2020-01-14 at 03:35


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