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#1 by mentallyunstabl
2020-01-27 at 05:02
Hello everyone,

This is my first time ever posting here, despite being a visitor for quite a few years now.

I got into the world of visual novels in large part thanks to the pretty good openings of eroges and the such. I started out on youtube by subscribing to a few choice people like Ketsuage and Jellyman, guys who uploaded these OPs, but that stopped a few years ago thanks to youtube's cancerous copyright system. It was on one of the last OP videos where I found the link to erogetrailers.com, a site that had a whole section dedicated to this sort of thing. I went to this site for over two years, usually in 5 month intervals to listen to the new VN OPs. Today, however, I found that the site hasn't had a new OP uploaded since September, and I fear the worse has come about.

The lack of uploads may be due to the fact that this site's "videos" are usually direct video links to the game companies' youtube channels, which have been getting deleted at a startling rate due to youtube's god-awful censorship policy. This means that there is simply no OP to find that can be easily put on the site. As someone's whose music library is half-comprised of these OPs, this breaks my heart, and I need to find a solution soon. The only alternative would be to look at every single VN release per day on this site and hope google can find a video somewhere.

This is my request: I would like a site which uploads visual novel OPs on a regular basis. If not that, then any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance for anyone able to help me out.Last modified on 2020-01-27 at 05:02
#2 by diabloryuzaki
2020-01-27 at 06:38
how about follow their youtube channel? key, yuzusoft, silkyplus, 3rdEye, 5pb, palette, august, favorite, sagaplanet, purplesoftware or eushully. if you search for vn opening, it is more better to subscribe their channel directly rather than wait other site to upload it. but if subscribe them is painful, try this link, usually this site upload latest news about vn monthly
#3 by yorhel
2020-01-27 at 07:29
I agree we need a dedicated site for VN-related videos. Youtube sucks major ass and I'm really not comfortable with storing decades worth of video archives at a company with a reputation for throwing things away when it doesn't make enough money anymore. I've been brainstorming building such a platform myself, but considering the costs and effort I don't see that happening anytime soon. :(
#4 by naiohoras
2020-01-27 at 09:15
yeah it's practically really hard to create that kind of site considering the licensing and all. the videod or even the site might be get blocked/sued unless we can secure it somehow.
#5 by harleyquin
2020-01-27 at 22:00
There was a website but it went inactive just over five years ago. Very difficult keeping an archive of OP movies, someone has to foot the bill keeping the site funded and needs dedication to keep it updated.
#6 by mentallyunstabl
2020-01-28 at 01:01
Thanks diabloryuzaki for the site, it looks like I'm gonna have to search the depths from now on in order to find the OPs, but at least I know what I'm looking for now. As for subscribing to the individual company's channels, there have been a number of company channels that have been taken down due to the new censorship policies, so that is no guarantee. Its such a downer to see the thing I love be reduced so much, and it honestly is starting to feel as if the visual novel industry is dying as a whole, but as an outsider, it most likely is just my perceptions. Until the time is up, I will continue to seek out these songs which have gotten me through the worst of times and filled my life with joy.
#7 by eacil
2020-01-28 at 02:32

Erogetrailer is not hard to maintain. It's just hotlinking.
#8 by tomtheerogeman
2020-01-28 at 04:46
I think archive.org would be a good place, they have very lenient policies regarding porn, violence, etc and you can download stuff as well, not just watch videos. I imagine you can probably upload zip files along the lines of "eroge OPs 2019" and call it a day. OP like you I got into VNs by watching OPs on Youtube, I'm sad these videos might disappear one day.
#9 by alexlung
2020-01-28 at 11:19
youtube is a no go it will get copyright strike and get terminated

other links suggested on here is pretty good
#10 by sanahtlig
2020-01-28 at 14:21
Copyright strikes? Licensing? They're promotional videos. They're *meant* to be shared. YouTube shutting down company channels has nothing to do with licensing; they're trying to remove pornographic or offensive materials.

I haven't explored Chobit.cc or its functionality, but that might be a satisfactory replacement.
#11 by mentallyunstabl
2020-01-29 at 02:58
ErogeTrailers is not hard to maintain, but its hard for it to stay relevant when half its videos are no longer available. If only there was a reliable source to hotlink to, but there's no guarantee that the link will even stay up. I would keep up the effort to archive these myself, but not only do I not have the time, I do not even have a sliver of expertise; I don't even know Japanese. Perhaps in the future I can do my part, but for the moment, I'll have to rely on others unfortunately. Archive.org seems to be my best bet for keeping these OPs living on for as long as possible.

Also, I tried Chobit.cc and checked out a random VN I know of, and it didn't have an OP, only a PV, so it doesn't seem to be the most reliable. The best bet so far seems to be Diablo's suggestion of keeping up with the released VN's via that blog and then copy/pasting the name into google, hoping someone has the OP. Its highly inefficient, but it appears to be the only choice now.
#12 by sanahtlig
2020-01-29 at 03:43
My guess is that Chobit.cc is industry-funded and that companies pay to upload their videos. This model is not ideal for what you're looking for--a user-oriented platform to browse video content from 18+ companies. Such a platform would need to be funded some other way, such as by selling user data (YouTube) or ad space.

The Japanese have the YouTube alternative NicoNico, which seems more receptive to eroge, though it had some quirks (like mandatory registration) that made it inconvenient to use.Last modified on 2020-01-29 at 06:30


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