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#1 by eacil
2020-01-31 at 17:15 is dead, does someone know a new url to bypass EGS geoblocking?Last modified on 2020-01-31 at 17:15
#2 by sanahtlig
2020-01-31 at 17:49
The original JP url is currently working for me.
#3 by yorhel
2020-01-31 at 18:05
The original JP url is currently working for me.
It's never worked for me (neither at home nor at the hotel in Brussels I'm currently at...)
#4 by ecchihieronymus
2020-01-31 at 18:26
Original JP url works when I put my VPN to Switzerland, doesn't work on my normal German ISP.

BTW, Nord's Swiss servers are pretty funky in general so maybe it's also unreachable for Swiss people on the ground. One of those PC benchmark sites put me in Italy and Netflix always assumes I'm in the US when I choose Switzerland as my VPN location *shrug*.Last modified on 2020-01-31 at 18:27
#5 by freshift
2020-01-31 at 20:12
Try the SoftEther VPN, a free open source project from the University of Tsukuba.
#6 by paragonias
2020-01-31 at 23:29
Original JP URL works on my German ISP; I'm using Vodafone.
#7 by tomtheerogeman
2020-02-01 at 04:58
From my experience the original url works for 2 or 3 days then it doesn't, as if the site owner can't ban all foreign IPs automatically and has to manually ban each one every so often.
#8 by shiny
2020-02-01 at 10:12
I once asked the owner to be unbanned and it worked for a total ~2 months, then egs started to be unreachable again.
Would love to have that mirror back.
#9 by skorpiondeath
2020-02-01 at 14:37
I'm using a firefox free plugin called "anonymox" and my setted proxy is one from Netherland. Pages load slower but I'm currently able to navigate EGSLast modified on 2020-02-01 at 14:38


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