Game really could have been an 18+ title

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#26 by mrkew
2020-02-11 at 22:32
The only people who are against H-scenes are the ones incapable of self-inserting.
#27 by misso
2020-02-11 at 22:52
That comparison is misleading.
Well sure, but I think my point still stands. You're all trying to milk something pretty unreasonable out of this game. It's basically like #19 said.
it was so strangely edited that even i felt that something got cut off
It didn't feel that way to me at all... Really, they just cut in the middle of the kiss scene to the next one to add to the comedic effect. It's obvious there is something they didn't show us, and that is so they can jokingly make it seem like they had sex.
You could say exactly the same thing about all slice-of-life...
Well, I mostly still think of those slice-of-life scenes and other variations of scenes with low relevance to the main plot as story, because as you said they actually boost the efficacy of it. I honestly can't think the same is true for H-scenes. I really doubt any of them was ever made with the intent of adding anything of significancy to the narrative or the characters. Maybe the fact that sex occurs does, but never the scene itself. They're there for us and that's all there is to them.
I also don't think sex is that important to a relashionship, at least not enough that a depiction of it becomes essential to express realism.
Umm all that said, I don't really hate H-scenes. I think they're worthless in a general way but when they are convenient and well done they are almost a godsend. I just think you're all being pretty unfair to the game.
#28 by leonardo7899
2020-02-11 at 23:08
27# Actualy i liked the game , i am not trying to be unfair to the game , it's really not bad , but the game lost a lot of points with me because of this "supposed" sex scene that felt really strange , i really don't care about the set on itself but i care about the story or something that got cut off for some reason and paste with some random comedy about the topic , i feel you on the part that sex is not important on any relashionship but i can't stress far enough on how it is really sad that the game could have gone a different way, like i've said sex it is not important but when you remove one thing you have to add another on the same level and that comedy part after the heavy kissing felt really strange to me personally, but hey i am not going to deny that i prefer h scenes than some comedy about the topic and fan service , but i am not going to cry about being all ages since i played a lot of them too and enjoyed.
#29 by berunka
2020-02-12 at 22:00
Dude, it was just one scene. How the hell this game lost a lot of points for one "supposed" sex scene.


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