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#1 by tomtheerogeman
2020-02-09 at 09:58

残念ながら2000版から若干の中身を捨てたかもしれない。これを持っていないから確実には言えない、でも誰かさん攻略を貼り付けた link 、満々違い選択シーンがありそう、一方俺は二選択シーンだけを見た。こんな中身は「無縁」あるいは「くそ」かもしれない。こんなノベルゲームはどうでもいいことから捨てた中身を調べない。Theガッツ2の終了後はCGギャラリーとメッセージスキップを見つけない、garbroで余りのCGもを見つけないから、このゲームを終わっただろうね。Theガッツ3を終わることが必要かもしれないけど、garbroでCGギャラリーのボタンもを見つけなかったから、こんなことなさそうだよ。



Not much to say about The Guts 2, it seems a lot shorter than the 1st game, either that or my Japanese reading skills are much better than before. The HD version that I read is coupled with the third game in the series in one app. You do not have to know anything about the first VN in the series to enjoy the second one.

Unfortunately however they might have stripped away a lot of the content that was in the original version. I don't have it so I can't say for sure, but someone posted a walkthrough for The Guts 2 link , and he has a lot more choices to make than I did, while I only had 2. That content might have been irrelevant or "bad," but I don't care about this VN enough to try and find out what I missed. There is also no CG gallery and no skip function in the HD version, and using Garbro I can't find any CGs that I missed by not doing a second playthrough, so I guess I'm already finished with this game. Maybe I could unlock it by finishing The Guts 3, but I can't find any menu images for a CG gallery with Garbro so I doubt it.

An attempt was made at writing an interesting yakuza story at first, but it's still nowhere near a plotge or anything. But they did improve in one area, reading some H scenes gave me a half boner, which is a major improvement considering the first game did nothing for me at all.

That's all folks.Last modified on 2020-02-09 at 17:03
#2 by eacil
2020-02-09 at 17:09
A big big thanks for the warning. I would have been so pissed if you are right and it's a partial dual release.
Did you think about comparing your playthrough with an online CG gallery of the original release?
On a side note, how many characters have abs in this one (serious question)?Last modified on 2020-02-09 at 17:09
#3 by tomtheerogeman
2020-02-09 at 21:30
I checked out the CG gallery on e-hentai, which is from 2015 so it was the original release, and I did not notice any CGs that were removed from the rerelease. The CGs are exactly the same but in higher quality, like they still had the original assets from 2000. With the game in widescreen however the images will be cropped in game and you'll need garbro if you want to see the full image.

E-hentai did show me some removed assets for a clicking minigame similar to the one in the 1st game. This tells me that the HD version likely removed the minigame and some of the filler conversations that don't lead to sex to make it more streamlined so that you'll see all the CGs in a single playthrough.

Taka and her sister are the only female characters with abs, with a combined total of about 20 CGs.


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