True Ending confirmation + discussion [Spoilers]

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#1 by conanssc
2020-02-13 at 06:43
I'm not too familiar with VNDB formatting so please bear with me, but after finishing the true ending I just want to discuss about it here, mostly about the Pocket route and the implications of the rainbow colored paper plane near the end.

So by the end, we get to meet the cast all over again and I believe it basically shows us a happy ending for most of them:
- Ao: I'm gonna say it is safe to assume that she managed to save Ai earlier than expected, as during the scene Shiroha meet Hairi again Shiroha was telling her to hurry up and visit Ai, else they're gonna be late. Thanks to her saving Ai earlier than expected, she most likely wouldn't overwork herself and become comatose so it is much better.
- Kamome: As for Kamome, we get to see a scene where she was talking to a women - who is obviously her mother - regarding fixing/finishing the ship and inviting everyone to go on the adventure together. This most likely implies that her condition didn't worsen and she has gotten better, to the point that she is still able to talk with her mother 2 years later and keep working on the ship.
- Tsumugi: This one is a bit weird, as we get to see Tsumugi holding the Teddy Bear talking to Shizuku at the end of summer, with Shizuku asking "Do you go to the lighthouse often" or something among those lines. I'm pretty sure this implies that "Tsumugi" managed to find the real Tsumugi, who was stuck in the flower garden and helped her making a decision. I believe the decision she made is "the island", which makes the most sense since she has been stuck in that garden for a very, very long time so when she choose the island, she would appear at the current time instead of the past.
This is also further supported by Shizuku asking Tsumugi about the lighthouse, since if she is still teddy Tsumugi, Shizuku would have met her at the lighthouse multiple times before and that question wouldn't come up at all. Of course there is the Teddy Bear that she holds at that scene as well, which is a huge implication, but we could also pass that off saying it is just another one of "Tsumugi"'s stuffed toys as well so yeah.

- Finally, Shiroha: This time, Hairi actually helped out the warehouse and Shiroha didn't have her power anymore so the two basically didn't interact the entire summer. She no longer has the power and Umi actually helped her to reach out to others as well, so during Ao scene we can see that she is actively talking and interacting with others normally without secluding herself. I believe this means that later in the future, when she becomes pregnant she will have better constitution and will actually take care of herself, instead of worrying about her child and overworking which causes her to pass away after labor. I believe she also remembers what Umi showed her as well, since at the cafeteria scene she advised Hairi to order fried rice which I take it as an implication of such and during 2 other scenes where she just stared at him as well (this obviously could be passed off but I wanna believe yo). And in the end, Hairi and Shiroha interactions mean that most likely they will fall in love all over again, and possibly they will give birth to Umi again albeit she may not be the same Umi.

Now, here comes the real questions regarding Umi, Kyouko and rainbow colored paper plane.
Near the end, we get to see Hairi looking through the storage and he somehow finds the rainbow colored paper plane. Since the paper plane is from another timeline, it shouldn't have existed but somehow it is there for Hairi to find. After interacting with the paper plane, Hairi sees a vision with Umi at a horizon and the sea. He mentioned this many times before, during the sleep scenes where he noted that he has heard the sound of these waves before but he couldn't remember and right before seeing Umi, he also noted that he heard the same sounds as well. After sending the paper plane away, he walked out of the house and Kyouko comes out, saying "It went well didn't it, Hitomi?". The memories regarding Umi I believe is what triggers his reaction at the end where he just jump off and ask Shiroha to teach him how to make fried rice.

So the questions I want to hear theories from you guys are:
1. How does the rainbow colored paper plane end up in the warehouse?
- My theory is that Hitomi, wanting to fufill Shiroha's wish of being with Umi again, brought Umi's memory fragments with her before Umi completely disappears, and she put that fragment (in the form of the rainbow colored paper plane) inside the warehouse. Kyouko, who is Hitomi's best friend and most likely can see/interact with Hitomi or at least have some understanding of the situation based on the implications, wants to help fufill her friend's dream. This time, knowing the fragment is actually inside the warehouse, she actually allows him to help this time so he can find the fragment to trigger the memories regarding Umi. This influences him to get together with Shiroha all over again and have more chances of them giving birth to Umi as both of them still have memories about Umi (Hairi only a little, but Shiroha should have quite a lot).
2. Who the heck is Kyouko? Or at least are there any more information regarding Kyouko?
- At first in normal routes, during scenes where Umi disappears Kyouko just say that she went back home and there isn't much to say about that. But in Pocket route we know that something is different, based on Kyouko interactions with "Nanami" and her knowing about "Nanami" 's powers and possibly origins as well, since if I remember correctly she knows that Nanami is travelling back to the past using the Naruse's powers. She also said that "Nanami" asked her about the same story before and I remember it somewhat implies she has some memories of past loops.
3. The sea and the horizon Umi was in near the end.
- This one I straight up have no clue whatsoever, no theories or anything for it. Do you guys have any theories regarding this part? I want to believe that part has some deeper meaning to it since as I said before, it should be the same as the sea Hairi was hearing before during one of the daily sleeping scenes.

Hopefully Reflection Blue will make some of these clearer and give Umi a more obvious happy ending at least, but nevertheless I still find it to be a great game and I would love to hear some theories/info from you guys.Last modified on 2020-02-13 at 06:59
#2 by diabloryuzaki
2020-02-13 at 10:09
1. that warehouse is same like kyouko or her grandmother. both of them is not chained by time that can make their consciousness exist in the past, now and future. every mysterious event that occur in that island where related party need to leave something that will be taken later in the future will give a shape like rainbow butterfly but it can like rainbow paper plane for umi. basically, if someone have strong attachment that they want someone to noticed in the future, they will leave some hint in that warehouse automatically without their own consciousness. this answer is taken after i true route + kyouko official short story

2. kyouko or katou family is unique family that have mysterious ability almost like shiroha. the different is their ability is not chained by time, sometime it can be precognition sometime it can be dejavu. but there is clear fact in there be it precognition or dejavu, they will experience that precognition/dejavu like they are in there as dream. this answer is taken after i read kyouko official short story where hitomi tell kyouko about umi and hairi in her dream

3. that phenomenon occur because he is in that warehouse where that warehouse is act as medium for everyone that left something in that place

you can read kyouko short story using this link if you want to know more detail about kyouko and hitomi
#3 by conanssc
2020-02-13 at 13:23
#2 woah that link is like godsend, and wow those answers actually helped me a lot, thanks! I'm gonna check out those short stories when I have time.


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