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#1 by leonne
2020-02-18 at 05:33
< report >im about halfway through but i'd like to advanced sooner as i got a really rare time to play game. can someone please spoil me about what happenned in this game and how it end?Last modified on 2020-02-18 at 05:33
#2 by triority
2020-02-19 at 23:18
< report >Okay :

Wilfried fights Fine in Hertford, and defeats her, raping her. She passes out and which point Wilfried removes her magic from her, but it has rather destabilizsng effect on him as well, as he discovers that the witches instruments regulate the amount of feedback that their magic causes.

Ria and Wilfried eventually go back to to their University. With Fine still suffering from a lack of magic, she faints when Wifried fights Erika, whom he drags off to a classroom to be raped and have her magic stolen as well

Wilfried meets Kurt, from whom he removes Erika's spell.

Wilfried rapes Fine once more and removes her remaining magic, and takes her back to his base, forcing Erika to live on her own with no supplies (having been cut off by Wilfried) and no help from Fine. However, realising that her personal hygene will suffer ("Erika will come to a point that no woman should cross"), as Wilfried wants to rape her again, Fine is allowed (under guard) to look after Erika.

Both Fine and Erika do suffer (indirectly anyway) from being raped, even if they are sanguine about it - they end up with crippling headaches after having their magic forcibly removed, and end up being house-bounds for weeks.

Eventually Wilfried and Erika meet for one final time in the governors mansion. Erika blames Wilfried for a terrorist incident in Griesvalt (in which she lost her family), which is something he denies he would do (although he does state that the only thing he has to fight against is the whole world). Wilfried defeats Erika, rapes her again and removes all her magic, which by extension allows him to keep his army of stuffed animals, something that Ria realises, even though it means keeping her fairy form.

Wilfried gives Fine and Erika an ultimatum - work with him or be thrown to to the animals. Erika and Fine agree (with Fine being somewhat relieved that they may have been wrong to fight Wilfried), although Wilfried does insinuate that it's only delaying the inevitable. Both Erika and Fine are forced to wear one of Wilfrieds cloaks, which Erika finds embarrasing, but Fine doesn't mind.

The game ends with Lucas scouting Cologne, Wilfried planning to scapegoat Kaya and Iris for any problems with his magic, and planning on getting them to fight the oncoming Jagar unit, hoping that most of the former will be wiped out by the latter. Oh, and Ria and co. watching TV and seeing Wilfried's capes burn...

It seems that all three have come back from a point in the future (Wilfried has flashfowards, and Erika comments about the terrorist incident that hasn't happened yet). Whether Erika actually believes Wilfried when he says he won't do it (it's pretty obviously that he's lying - although he doesn't know it) is unknown - although she doesn't really have much of choice of whether to believe him or not.

The "delaying the inevitable" bit by Wilfried obviously means that he certainly intents to punish both of the girls when/if he wins.

There are a few side stories including how Wilfried is just as corrupt as the rest of the Saarland government by cooking his accounts

There is also a bit about some scientists trying to create an airship, which didn't work and they were arrested for corruption

I've missed a few small details, but nothing real importance.

Towards the end you certainly see what a devious cretin Wilfried is, and how his lust for power is growingLast modified on 2020-02-20 at 09:33


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