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#26 by hoshii-san
2020-02-27 at 20:47
< report >Okay, but after everything returns and I add the links, Sakashi cannot be altered again and all his TBAs removed. please.Last modified on 2020-02-27 at 20:48
#27 by mougour
2020-02-27 at 20:47
< report >Hello, my nickname is Mougour. I created this account some time ago and I participated in both translations groups (like you can see in this webpage link .
I'm a member of Ever Present Feeling too, so I want to say something about this. Can I?

Pd: I'm sorry. I know that I don't speak english very well, but just like Hoshii I can understand you perfectly.
#28 by beliar
2020-02-27 at 20:55
< report >Sure. Say what you want.
#29 by mougour
2020-02-27 at 20:58
< report >Thank you!
I'll try my best to explain it perfectly.
Pd: I studied english at a private collage some years ago, but it has been a long time since I speak it. I'm going to write it right now.
#30 by mougour
2020-02-27 at 21:39
< report >1- It's fair to say that there many ex-members of Sakashi Plans in Ever present Feeling. I can't say how many ex-members are in White Novels right now, but when I was translating Swan Song and others visual novels, I saw that Hoshii and Kary were the ladders of the goup and the most important staff of Sakashi Plans. I don't have any proof of this more than my words, but...

2- You can check it in the visual novel database that Hirary created another page called "Ever Present Feeling", and she ONLY put some TBA in that page. So we can assume that she tried to hide us. This is the website: link

3- I know that you don't understand spanish, but I have screenshots where she says that the website Ever Present Feeling it will be ours. I also have some emails from facebook and wordpress that confirms that Hirary hacked my account of Facebook and Outlook to take our page and delete almost everything. All these e-mails are in english, you could undestand them perfectly.

4- Another proof? One of the TBAs that she checked before we found out what was happening, was Night At Hospital. Another translation of ours. You can check it in the database.

5- She tried to moved some of the translations of Sakashi to White Novels, just like Swan Song (I was working in that translation at that time) and Go Go Purgatory, another translation that I worked up.

Look. I undestand that we troubled you. I also understand that you are tired of discuss on this tread, but I also undestand that this is unfair.

We ask you to don't trust in her. We can't proof if Mougour did that visual novel or if Hoshii did that another visual novel, but all that she always looked for was to take the visual novles that were in sakashi plans.
One by one.

And there are many proofs of that only on this page. Not to say with the screenshots and more.
So we can't trust on her. We ask you to let us to make another Sakashi plans with all the projects that were originally in Sakashi Plans, leave it dead just like we wished it and link it with our new page. Why? Because since Sakashi's death, the only person that were making troubles to make growth her own project were her.
We can't allow that anymore. It's unfair.

Ever present feeling will only have the translations that we said previously. Anymore nor less.
#31 by mougour
2020-02-27 at 21:44
< report >We are really sorry that we troubled you yesterday, we should chatted with you first. That was a mistake, but at the end all is the same.
So please, this person stealed our wordpress, created a copy of it and even stealed our page of facebook and deleted our first post.

I'm asking you for help, please. We have to change all our passwords and e-mails because we are scared. Please, help us.Last modified on 2020-02-27 at 21:45
#32 by beliar
2020-02-27 at 22:26
< report >God, Mougour.
Okay, let me explain this to you. VNDB is an information database, it's not some sort of internet police. A lot of things you are telling me or asking of me have nothing to do with the database and are your personal business.

The main point that is important for me is this: some of the novels have been translated and published by the group carrying the name Sakashi Plans, some of the novels were published by the group carrying the name White Novels. The information carried by the translation entries in the db should reflect that.

Now, you are trying to convince me that Hirary is untrustworthy, stole websites from you and you are afraid of her. I feel for you, but I'm not taking sides in this conflict. I don't know you, I don't know Hirary, and whatever has happened, and whatever proof you have has nothing to do with the translations themselves.

This is all very ambiguous, but there is no ambiguity regarding the the translations themselves. Either one or the other group has published them. And it's my job to see that the cataloguing in the DB would correctly reflect that.

A group is more than the people involved in it. Sakashi Plans was a group of people that published translations. The group might be dead and the website might be under the control of a single person that you are at odds with, but that doesn't change the publisher for the already released translations.

You ask for my help, but you ask for something that I neither can provide nor it has anything to do with the DB. You want to create your own Sakashi website and copy the translations to it, so they are under your and not Hirary's control? Do it for all I care, but don't involve the database.

Basically, there are two points of information that are important here: the publisher and the website. As I have already mentioned, changing the publisher to something else, because the group is effectively dead is a big no no. EPF hasn't released those translations under this particular name and they cannot claim to have done so. Now, the website should portray the best official or unofficial source of information for the VN. In this case there is very little difference which website is used, but while the original Sakashi website is still alive, it might as well get used. If you create an alternative website, it can always be used as a backup in case the old Sakashi website dies.

You use strange phrases like
We ask you to let us to make another Sakashi plans
, but how can I 'let' you do anything that has nothing to do with the database. The matter has everything to do with your desire to preserve the Sakashi translations on a different website than the current one. I'm sorry to sound insensitive, but that's really your business.

You should better take a look at Hirary's post link and confirm or not that those particular VNs were actually released under those group names. This is the important matter that needs to be solved and not your feud with Hirary.
#33 by mougour
2020-02-27 at 22:43
< report >Okay, I understad.
But Hirary can't change anything about Ever Present Feeling in the database, please. We would appreciate it.

Thank you for listened to me.
#34 by beliar
2020-02-27 at 22:53
< report >
But Hirary can't change anything about Ever Present Feeling in the database, please.
I cannot exactly ban her from doing that, but I suppose I can ask her here to let the members of EPF to take care of the releases that were published by EPF. It would be better for everyone involved, as it would prevent any further violent disagreements on the database.

Anyway, it's already late and I'll be going to sleep, so I'm postponing until tomorrow evening the cleaning of the mess that was made of the Sakashi and WN releases.

I'm also still retaining Chihayahi's ban in place. His behaviour was destructive and, what's worse, childish. If I'm in a good mood I may lift it in a week or so, if not, well...
#35 by mougour
2020-02-28 at 01:41
< report >Hello again. I'm sorry for troubling you again.

I'll be quick.

Wasurenagusa no Yoru was published on Sakashi plans and it isn't on Hirary's list. Here is the link:

Christmas Rose was also published on Sakashi Plans. Here is the link:


Thank you and I wish you'll have a great day.
#36 by beliar
2020-02-28 at 16:38
< report >I cannot find the android releases for Jabberwocky, The Clown, Do You Like Pie? on your blog anymore, Hoshii. Have you removed these games?
#37 by hoshii-san
2020-02-28 at 16:39
< report >Hirary cleans our page when she stolen. We add the links before.
#38 by beliar
2020-02-28 at 16:41
< report >Oh, it's that website you were talking about. I see.
#39 by beliar
2020-02-28 at 17:34
< report >Okay I seem to have fixed majority of the bullshit, but I still have a few questions both for Hirary and her opponents:
1. As I understand, Sakashi is a dead name. So, where should I move all the TBA titles currently assigned to that name? What about the TBA titles under White Novels?
2. Is it correct, that two of the novels under Dantalian, also have Ever Present Feeling as a publisher?
3. Hirary, you have said that EPF is the publisher of Jabberwocky, The Clown, Do You Like Pie? Android versions, however you seem to have moved those titles from the EPF webpage to the Sakashi webpage. Why?
4. Why are the Sakashi pages for r65246 and r65178 dead and what can I use as a replacement webpage?
#40 by hoshii-san
2020-02-28 at 17:43
< report >Hirary comes back to White Novels original group her tbas are correct, i guess. Please delete tbas from sakashi plans. Yeah, im dantalian creator and my friends from epf help me with some things. Hirary doesnt like love cube translations then she erased it.
#41 by mougour
2020-02-28 at 17:53
< report >1- Just like my friend said, we don't want any of the TBAs from Sakashi. If we really want to translate another visual novel, we will do it. TBAs always bring problems. We ask you to delete those TBAs, please.
2- Just like my friend said, yes.
4- Hirary doesn't like love cube translations and she erased them without asking us first. I don't know if I have a copy of them on my old computer. I can check it in a hour, I guess.
#42 by hirary
2020-02-28 at 18:50
< report >1- Now, I’m translating with my teammates in White Novels, so the TBA’s are the projects that we are working on.
2- Pc versions of Jabberwocky, The Clown and Do You Like Pie? were in Sakashi Plans. Actually, they were published by White Novels (and Muted: The Never too).
4- About LOVE³ -Love Cube-… Well, Hoshii did the major part of the translation (Google Translate did it in his place, to be more exact), so he broke some codes of the visual novel and the game closed automatically in, at least, two parts. Something similar happened with Princess Lover!; he did the translation and the character’s face who was talking (that must appear on the bottom left corner) didn't appear. He didn’t solve that bugs and, time after his expulsion, I didn’t have patience, time or motivation to retranslate LOVE³ -Love Cube- and solve the bugs in Princess Lover!, so I thought that delete the entries on the blog was the best idea.
#43 by hoshii-san
2020-02-28 at 19:02
< report >I did google translation in complete not trial and you erase trial too. And you fixed princess lover btw. One more thing curioous, i have friends no teammates.
#44 by beliar
2020-02-28 at 19:03
< report >
2- Pc versions of Jabberwocky, The Clown and Do You Like Pie? were in Sakashi Plans. Actually, they were published by White Novels (and Muted: The Never too).
But I'm talking about the Android translations. They also have been added to the Skashi Plans website and are now missing from the EPF website.
Also, did I understand correctly that the PC versions of those four games should be moved under the White Novels banner, instead of Sakashi Plans?

Google Translate
Oh, boy. I hoped that Hoshii either translated from Japanese or didn't translate at all, because VNDB has a strict "No Machine Translations" policy. If any of the translations among Sakashi Plans, White Novels, Dantalian or EPF have actually been made using an automated translator, they need to be removed from the DB altogether.
#45 by hoshii-san
2020-02-28 at 19:05
< report >No, only this. Sorry was my mistake in past, i tried to fix it, but she fired me.Last modified on 2020-02-28 at 19:07
#46 by hoshii-san
2020-02-28 at 19:07
< report >We were in a competition with another group. It sounds stupid, i know.Last modified on 2020-02-28 at 19:09
#47 by beliar
2020-02-28 at 19:09
< report >Well, I'll remove the full translation of LOVE³ -Love Cube- due to this. Also, are you saying that you actually do your own translations for the Dantalian group? Are you translating from Japanese, because you apparently can only interact in English while using Google Translate.
#48 by hirary
2020-02-28 at 19:11
< report >I didn't change the Android's verssions. You should check history.

Princess Lover!'s translation was the same shit. He told me that he translated everything 'very fast', and I tried to fix it, but there were parts that didn't have a lot of sense because of this.
#49 by hoshii-san
2020-02-28 at 19:14
< report >You call shit many thinks. Songs, people, translations you are miss perfect. You dont have mistakes, you are not a stalker, etc.
#50 by beliar
2020-02-28 at 19:15
< report >
I didn't change the Android's verssions. You should check history.
That's not what I'm talking about.
The Android versions are now on the Sakashi website. For example the Jabbervocky translation can be downloaded from here: link. Checking the details of the file I can see that it was uploaded on the 26th of February. I assume it's the EPF translation. At the same time the file is gone from the EPF website link. So, I'm asking for clarification.