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#26 by Yorhel
2020-03-05 at 13:09
< report >
Yes it gets recognised but the link to the page is broken, see r66506
Ouch. DLSite has automatic redirect between shop sections but not between released works and announced works? That means the current data model is insufficient to hold those links, so I've updated the form to reject them for now.

Yes it redirects you to the before_game page automatically if the game isn't released yet.
Cool, I've updated the URL recognizer to allow these links then. I could fix the site to link to the proper page based on trial flag and release date, I suppose, a bare game.php will do fine.
#27 by Ileca
2020-03-06 at 01:26
< report >I was thinking that having buttons to insert パッケージ版+Package Edition/ダウンロード版+Download Edition at the end of releases' titles would be very useful. It's annoying to have to find another release to copy paste from it as it happens all the time.

Edit: btw, how you handled languages and platforms is much better. I still think that Japanese and English should be treated like you did for Windows, Linux, Mac, Website... DOS... wat?Last modified on 2020-03-06 at 01:30
#28 by skorpiondeath
2020-03-06 at 12:52
< report >I agree with Ileca on having buttons for パッケージ版+Package Edition/ダウンロード版+Download Edition
#29 by Mutsuki
2020-03-06 at 18:45
< report >while we at it i'll copy paste my suggestion from the other thread here:

Can we get a way to reference the title of a visual novel in the releases so if there's a typo/wrong reading in the title, the releases automatically get corrected?

Like for example if the visual novel is called "abc visual novel", for the releases you write "%title - First Print Limited Edition" or something as the title and it displays it as "abc visual novel - First Print Limited Edition" and when you edit the visual novel name to "xyz visual novel" if automatically changes the way the releases are displayed to "xyz visual novel - First Print Limited Edition" because %title always references the current title.Last modified on 2020-03-06 at 18:46
#30 by skorpiondeath
2020-03-07 at 12:49
< report >Unrecognized gyutto link (NSFW): link
Unrecognized DL.Getchu link (NSFW): link

In addition a single whitespace before the start of the actual link tells you that the link is unrecognized... trimming the entry should be enough to avoid thatLast modified on 2020-03-07 at 12:55
#31 by Yorhel
2020-03-07 at 17:27
< report >@30: All fixed.
#32 by gvbn
2020-03-15 at 18:15
< report >Do doujin DMM (Fanza) links not work for others without the www part?

e.g. clicking "DMM" on link just redirects me to Fanza top page, but adding www. in front of the url works fine for me
#33 by rampaa
2020-03-16 at 04:16
< report >^Can confirm. link redirects to home page while link works as intended.
#34 by Yorhel
2020-03-16 at 07:25
< report >Argh. I had the URL editor set up to remove the www. prefix for all URLs before parsing out the DB value, but that part is actually significant for DMM. Fixed now. I've also batch-fixed the affected DMM links in the database.
#35 by tree43
2020-03-23 at 16:03
< report >whats the point of rating something a 10 if we dont get that warning anymore
#36 by lunaterra
2020-07-08 at 23:40
< report >Steam URLs don't play well with other external links. For example, trying to add an itchio link to r65687 led to this: link

I had to remove the Steam link, add the itch link, then re-add the Steam URL in order for it to display properly. The error also stacks if you try to add multiple external links to a release entry that already has a Steam link.
#37 by Yorhel
2020-07-09 at 07:59
< report >@36: Huh, that's *really* weird and I don't see how that can even happen. Which browser are you using? I can't reproduce that in any of my browsers.


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