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#1 by lotuscale
2020-03-05 at 14:30
I'm sorry to bother you with such a simple question, but I have scarcely any experience about edit.

As I know, a fan translation can be added as a release and it's generally a free release. Finding the external links of some entry of fan translation has been filled with a download link directly, I turned to the guidline and found an entry:

Note that, even though VNDB does not support piracy, it is allowed to link to a homepage or forum that does in the case it is the only official source of information for this release.

Does it mean that we shouldn't fill the external link with a download link but an announcement of the release?
What if the translation can't be obtained by that site but by some other ways (maybe only people who enter a certarin internet chat group can get it, etc.), should we still fill the external link with the site that contained only the announcement but nothing, however, can be accessed by everyone?

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#2 by beliar
2020-03-05 at 16:03
There is no uniform answer, but in short usually the official site field should be filled with the link to an announcement.
In case the announcement does not carry the download link to the fan translation, you can still add the announcement link as an official site and add the direct download link in the description.
Sometimes the translation is released anonymously on some image board, torrent or similar. In that case it's okay to simply add the direct download link for an official site.
The same happens if all the official or semi-official sources of information regarding a release die out and cannot be waybacked. Adding a download link directly is also a good way to preserve such long gone translations.
Sometimes it happens that the translation is released directly on a pirate site. In essence, the official source of information a page on a pirate website. In that case it is allowed to link to a pirate site.
#3 by lotuscale
2020-03-05 at 23:10
@2 Thanks for replying, I think I got the point!Last modified on 2020-03-07 at 12:26


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