Old neko raising sim/possibly VN hybrid?

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#1 by setsunachan
2020-03-09 at 00:42
Hi, sorry if this isn't allowed but I was curious. You can just delete the post if this is too off-topic for the site.
I came across an old thread on Reddit about a catgirl raising sim from 1998 or earlier. It piqued my interest because it sounds like Wonder Project J and Princess Maker. The OP played it in Chinese (?) but it is probably a Japanese production.
The person doesn't know the game's name and I couldn't find it anywhere either.
I don't know if it is a VN but it seems like it had a storyline and raising sim mechanics so it could be a hybrid.
The game had a brown-haired cat girl and you had to take care of her. There were cutscenes apparently and the girl ages as the game progresses.
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#2 by eiesoldar
2020-03-09 at 18:28
That's probably Fancia link
#3 by setsunachan
2020-03-11 at 01:09
Oh, dammit. A mystery was solved! Thank you so much.

I'm not even the person who was originally looking for it. I tried to help them years ago - searched for hours, couldn't find anything.
Looking at the MobyGames entry - it was made in 2018. That's probably why nobody found any information about Fancia.

I'm really into raising sims. This game is probably impossible to find though :/
Don't know if I'd be able to import it (and besides, I don't know much Japanese).Last modified on 2020-03-11 at 01:23
#4 by paragonias
2020-03-11 at 16:58
It's available on AmazonJP.


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