MG's leaked Discord chat

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#51 by artumis
2020-03-21 at 12:46
Well, what started off as a "leak" of some staff Discord logs thoroughly derailed into a semantic argument about lolicon. It's Discord, so it's basically unprofessional to begin and they're dealing with people that visit said Discord.

As a customer, mismatched sales are annoying. As a rule of thumb I'd say it's bad form to ask about future sales, but in the case of the hard copy being on sale (likely to clear out space) but not the digital copy, it's relatively reasonable. It's not like they were inquiring about a title that wasn't currently on sale.

As for the whole derailment, I'm not privy what title might have been referred to (so perhaps within context, the localisation was fine) but it seems like half the arguments here on both sides are just wrong. #36 makes the most sensible point that literal translations are often not touted as good localisations. For something like "Lolicon", there can certainly be nuance lost as well as a tonal shift if it's just taken more literally as "Pedophile". Furthermore, if one wants to argue that "Lolicon" can or should be literally translated, then it's worth pointing out that it literally means "Lolita Complex".

That said, I'm also the kind of person that will object to people referring to ANY relationship in which there is a significant age gap as pedophilic when it's actually a moderately normal ~10 year gap between a 30 something and a 20 something. At worst it's a perfectly consensual ephebophilic relationship, young and perhaps barely legal, but certainly not pedophilic. A situation like that might reasonably lead to the older individual being called a "Lolicon", as a sort of jest, but in English, it would be more like "I see you like them young" which is lighter in tone than the alternative.
#52 by asaki
2020-03-22 at 03:27
I don't know that one of VNDB's mod job here is derail the topic from pseudo private conversation between Mangagamer staffs to debating about lolicon (I look at you eacil), but there you go (The lolicon topic should die down if there's no one talk about it anymore just like post 26 and Being did).

For the leak, well it's semi private so I guess it's normal if the staffs kind of unprofessional there. That said, after seeing the screenshot I decided to not put hope anymore for a certain title to be localized by Mangagamer (Although it's still not hurt though if I fill their yearly survey there, if only for formality).
#53 by pramit
2020-03-22 at 06:28
"Same, except I have a wife and kids....!"

Is this guy bragging about having wife and kids? I guess he must have a really sad life, to have to resolve to using this for self validation.
I guess they havent heard of the phrase "Don't bite the hand that feeds". Or "Dont shit on the hand that feeds"Last modified on 2020-03-22 at 06:29
#54 by yorhel
2020-03-22 at 06:39
I don't know that one of VNDB's mod job here is derail the topic from pseudo private conversation between Mangagamer staffs to debating about lolicon
Oh no! Someone's seen through our strategy. Quick, delete this thread before we get defunded by our MangaGamer overlords!


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