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#26 by atlantima
2011-07-26 at 18:38
< report >Any chance we would get links to the English DLsite?
#27 by yorhel
2011-07-27 at 14:59
< report >I'm all for it, but have no idea how add and maintain the links to DLsite. They have quite a few items, but no way to automatically and reliably link those together with VN entries in the database. :-(

I also sent them a mail quite some time ago to ask whether they allow sending affiliate earnings to a paypal account, but have never received a response. I guess I should try again some time...
#28 by atlantima
2011-07-27 at 23:47
< report >You could have it be another field in the release editing interface. Like "English DLsite product ID: RE079803" and the site would link that to

(you don't even have to point it to /eng/ if it's a non-adult game! neat)Last modified on 2011-07-28 at 01:23
#29 by baldo
2011-07-28 at 10:33
< report >"Currently, we only have links to Play-Asia and J-List"...
link is currently the only real eroge shop selling overseas, do you have contacted them?
#30 by yorhel
2011-07-28 at 12:53
< report >@atlantima: I can't say I'm a huge fan of mixing commercial interest (affiliate links) with regular and editable database info. But perhaps there is no other way around it. :-/

Paletweb doesn't seem to have an affiliate system. I could contact them to discuss an alternative solution, but I'd rather do that after I've figured out some way to link their items together with our database entries.
#31 by atlantima
2011-11-25 at 01:26
< report >Anything we can do if we notice "missing links"?

Example: v7230 that has no J-List link even though they're selling it at link, and v6992, which is at link
edit: also link is v6918, link is v4041, link is v7261, link is v5844, v24 is missing link (r15365)
link is v4059 (Play-Asia link is there, but not J-List)
link is v7867
link is v7870Last modified on 2011-11-25 at 02:48
#32 by yorhel
2011-11-25 at 07:41
< report >@atlantima: Thanks! I'll add those links in a bit. The problem with J-List links is that they aren't added automatically, so I have to manually check their latest additions (which is never their "latest additions", no idea how their sorting works) and add the links to VNDB. Obviously I haven't been doing that for a while. :-(
#33 by atlantima
2011-11-25 at 16:29
< report >Glad to help. Here's some more:
link v5240
link v4234

And from Play-Asia:

link v7815
link v1120
link v3263 (Title is wrong, typical of PA)

If I find any more, I'll let you know.Last modified on 2011-11-25 at 16:43
#34 by yorhel
2011-11-25 at 17:10
< report >Thanks!

The Play-Asia links are fetched automatically, though: if you find a link to be missing, check whether the release has the correct JAN code. In none of your links do the releases have a JAN code in common with PA.
#35 by atlantima
2011-11-27 at 17:07
< report >link v7081
link v6611
link v7070
link v8019
link v7260
link v1078
link v7344
link v8462
link v398
link v7979Last modified on 2011-11-27 at 19:30
#36 by atlantima
2011-11-29 at 22:54
< report >link v7647
link v2002
#37 by atlantima
2011-12-10 at 01:39
< report >link v435
link v7316
link r17480
link v961
link v751Last modified on 2011-12-10 at 02:00
#38 by yorhel
2011-12-10 at 08:07
< report >All done!
#39 by atlantima
2011-12-15 at 02:19
< report >link v7067
#40 by atlantima
2011-12-17 at 00:00
< report >link v2153
#41 by atlantima
2011-12-20 at 03:53
< report >link v93
link v8311Last modified on 2011-12-20 at 03:56
#42 by atlantima
2011-12-20 at 17:09
< report >You put the same link in both VNs...
#43 by yorhel
2011-12-20 at 17:28
< report >Ouch. Thanks for checking!
#44 by atlantima
2011-12-23 at 03:13
< report >link v236
link v6714
link v1112
#45 by yorhel
2011-12-23 at 07:53
< report >Meh, we don't have a release yet for link. :(
#46 by atlantima
2011-12-26 at 21:22
< report >link v7786
link v13
link v7071

link v8506
link v5Last modified on 2012-01-01 at 20:31
#47 by atlantima
2012-01-09 at 02:47
< report >link v7507
link v18
#48 by yorhel
2012-01-09 at 07:26
< report >No release for link. :(
#49 by atlantima
2012-01-09 at 22:26
< report >All right, I added r18860.
#50 by atlantima
2012-01-27 at 21:05
< report >link v7881
link v6245
link v548
link v5154Last modified on 2012-01-27 at 21:21